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Is Your Partner’s Love Language Receiving Gifts? Here Are Some Tips

Do you want to spoil your partner with signs of love and affection? Do you want to cater to your partner’s love language that is receiving and giving gifts? Are you breaking the bank trying to please your partner with this kind of love language?

Like preferences and attachment styles, everyone has different love languages. Knowing what yours and your partner’s love languages make a healthy relationship. Receiving and giving gifts is one of the five love languages.

Here, we will focus on the tips for giving your partner gifts. Keep reading to learn what you can do to avoid breaking the bank when buying them gifts. We also included some hacks that you can use whenever deciding what gifts to buy for your partner.

1. Gift-Giving Doesn’t Mean Greed or Materialism

There are many misconceptions against people whose love language is gift-giving and receiving. One is that they’re greedy or materialistic. The truth is that they like to feel love or show love through tangible items.

They prefer sentimentality over extravagance. Notice that most people with this love language will appreciate any gift you give them. They will appreciate all sorts of gifts, be it hand-crafted, a small item you won in the fair, or something lavish.

Also, a person with the love language centered around gifts doesn’t need expensive gifts. There is a big misconception that you need to get your partner expensive gifts to make them happy. This isn’t always the truth, especially for people who aren’t materialistic.

As always, there are exceptions. Some people grow up with high standards and high expectations for the gifts they receive. Among many other factors, an aspect stems from the way they’re raised. Other factors include social pressure and family environment.

2. Always Remember That it’s the Thought That Counts

If you’re only beginning a relationship with a person who loves to receive and give gifts, you’ll make mistakes. This is natural, especially for new relationships. For example, you may not know that they are allergic to flowers until you give them a bouquet.

Even when you make these mistakes, your partner will still appreciate your gift. Yet, it’s best to keep in mind your partner’s preferences for later gifts. When you start giving them items that they like, it’s a sign that you’re paying attention to them.

With that said, you don’t always need to be specific with the items you give your partner. As we mentioned, it doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated gift. It can be something as simple as a journal or something as extravagant as a house.

To people with the love language of receiving gifts, it’s the act of gift-giving that counts.

3. Make Gift-Giving Events a Big Deal

If you want to make an event feel extra special, get an extra-special gift for your partner. It’s one of the best ways to say that you’re happy to celebrate the occasion with them. This is the best time to go all-out on your presents.

Birthdays especially hold the most meaning because they’re the most personal events. This is where you may want to buy jewelry or limited-version shoes for your partner. You can also check our list of non-jewelry gifts for your girlfriend or wife.

Men appreciate practical gifts. If your partner is a man, they may enjoy a screwdriver set or a high-end video card for their PC. You can also use this time to steer away from practical gifts and get him something indulgent.

4. Take Advantage of Non-Gift-Giving Events to Give Small Gifts

One of the best things about people with this love language is that you need a special occasion to give gifts. You can give your partner a gift every day or twice every week. Since you’re giving gifts with more frequency, it’s more practical to give small gifts.

As we said earlier, receiving gifts is your partner’s way of reaffirming that you love and cherish them. If you stop giving them gifts, they can take it as a sign that your love is fading. This may seem dramatic or unreasonable to some people, but it’s the truth for this love language.

These small gifts can be anything. It can be a box where they can keep all your other gifts in. It can be a frame to place on their office desk. It may even be a customized mug to remind them to smile every day.

5. Make Handcrafted Presents or Get Souvenirs

Your partner may be very proud that they know the right personalized gifts to give you and their loved ones. You may have a hard time trying to figure out what kinds of gifts they’ll enjoy yourself. If you feel that they’ve got everything they need, then why not make something they’ll like instead?

Another hack to dealing with people with this love language is to give souvenirs. You may be on a business trip in another state. Give them a souvenir from the place you visited to tell them that you missed them during the time you were away.

You and your partner may have visited another country or city for your anniversary. Get them a souvenir from the place to commemorate your anniversary with. They will love it.

Does your schedule keep you from creating handmade gifts often? Invest your time and money better by creating a gift-buying budget. Write your allowance and how much you will spend per day on your partner. It also helps to know where you can buy affordable and quality gifts.

Learn to Speak Their Love Language

That ends our guide for the love language of receiving gifts. We hope you earned a deeper understanding of their expectations in the relationship. We also hope this guide helped you learn how to find the best gifts for a partner with this love language.

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