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5 Unique Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend That Aren’t Jewelry

It’s true that 58% of women prefer jewelry as gifts. But maybe your girlfriend is in the minority. Or perhaps you’ve given her so many pieces, it’s high time you switched things up. In that case, you might need some inspiration. Not to worry, as we’re here to help. Here are 5 unique gifts to get your girlfriend so she’s thoroughly impressed!

1. Mini Instant Camera

Yes, everyone takes pictures on their phones nowadays. But for some, the nostalgia of snapping pictures on analog cameras and getting physical pictures is priceless and can never be forgotten. If you’re looking for unique gifts for her, then this is it.

A regular camera can be too bulky to carry around, so why not get your girlfriend a mini instant camera? That way, she doesn’t have to lug around a device. Plus, she can also get instant pictures that are physical copies too!

2. Funny (But Romantic) Mug

Funny presents are always something your girlfriend will treasure forever, and she’ll definitely remember the moment she unwrapped them! So this year, for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, get her a funny (but romantic) mug! This definitely tops the list for quirky girlfriend gifts.

If you want to go a step further, you can even get matching ones. That way, when you get up to have your coffee, you’ll both smirk every morning.

3. E-Reader

This is a more expensive gift, but if it’s a milestone, it’s worth it to splurge.

If your girlfriend’s been complaining that she doesn’t read as much as she wants to, then an e-reader will make things a lot easier for her. When she’s on her morning commute or lunch break, she can easily pull out this thin device to sneak in a few pages.

Plus, if she’s also in college, this can help lessen her load, literally. She’ll be able to download the majority of her class reading material onto this little device.

4. Makeup Mirror

This one can be a great present for women who are makeup enthusiasts. Chances are, you won’t have a clue what makeup to get her, plus your girlfriend is particular about the brands and products she uses.

The next best thing is to get her a quality makeup mirror. Look for one that is tri-fold so she can see herself from multiple angles. Get all the bells and whistles too, such as different magnification options and lighting.

5. Earbuds

Sitting on a bus or going for a run and hearing ambient noise around you can be annoying. Is your girlfriend someone who’s sensitive to these sounds? Then gift her some quality earbuds. These should be enough for her to focus on the music.

However, there are earbuds that are made to be noise-canceling, so those might be worth looking into as well.

Consider These Unique Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend

If you’re stumped on unique gifts to get your girlfriend, now you have a great list. So forget about more pieces of jewelry. It’s time to really impress her for the next gift-giving event!

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