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The Top 6 Best Birthday Gifts for Dad That He’ll Love

Have you ever heard it said that men are hard to shop for when it comes to gifts? Well, this actually isn’t true. Research shows that men are a little easier to shop for than women. However, shopping for birthday gifts for Dad is a big deal. After all, it’s your dad we’re talking about here. You want to spoil him and make him feel loved and appreciated. 

Fortunately, studies also show that you don’t have to spend a chunk of change to do this. As the old saying goes, it’s truly the thought that counts. 

Want to get Dad the gift that really shows you’re thinking of him? Keep reading for six gifts that show you care. 

1. A Cheeky Mug

You know which are the worst gifts? The ones that never get used, and gather dust in the cupboard. 

Coffee mugs are something that just about everyone uses, often all day long. This is why mugs can make some of the best birthday gifts for dads. 

However, not any old mug will do. For your dad’s special day, you want to pick out something that will make him smile. And what better way to do this than with some cheeky humor?

If you are in search of the perfect cheeky mug for your dad, take a look at our slightly improper, massively amusing range of father’s mugs.

2. A Warming Coaster

If your dad is the kind that forgets about his coffee and is constantly nuking it, consider throwing in some mug-warming coasters along with your mug gift. 

Corny but true: A combo like this is going to warm his heart and his coffee at the same time. Win-win!

3. An Electronic Picture Frame

Put a stop to the endless requests for pictures to be printed out and instead get your dad an electronic picture frame, pre-loaded with pics of the two of you. 

If your dad has not grasped the concept of Bluetooth yet, and you want to up the ante, you can even include a handwritten voucher for an annual “maintenance plan” where you refresh the photos. 

5. A Wireless Charger

Speaking of tech, if you want to speak to the geek in him, why not kit out your dad with a wireless phone charge? It’ll make his life easier, and maybe he and mom can stop arguing over who pulled whose phone out the shared charger.

6. Novelty Beer Mugs

Is there a beer connoisseur in the family home? One that answers to the name of Dad? If yes, then you can’t go wrong with novelty beer mugs. 

If beer mugs sound like the perfect gift for Dad, check out our irreverent range of beer steins

Birthday Gift for Dad: Check

Picking out birthday gifts for Dad can get stressful, especially if he already has just about everything. And let’s face it, most dads do.

However, now that you’ve got this list of ideas up your sleeve, you’re all set to find something that will be meaningful to your dad. 

If “what to get Dad for his birthday” has been worrying you, stop stressing and start shopping. Can’t find the right thing on our site or have a perfect saying for a mug for pops? If so, contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a custom design!

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