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Popping the Question: 10 Great Engagement Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Two of the people you love most in this life just professed their love for one another. It’s a beautiful occasion and you’re rightfully excited for the newly engaged couple. Yet, beyond the champagne toasts and social media shout-outs, there remains one nagging question: What engagement gift are you going to give them?

You want to choose something that stands out, signifies their relationship, and feels personal. However, you’re drawing a blank. That’s why we’re here!

Today, we’re sharing 10 of our top engagement gift ideas that can turn this special season into an incredible memory. 

1. Collage Photo Frame

You’ve watched their love bloom throughout the years. You have photos of them as awkward teenagers on prom night, partying as college-goers and all cleaned up for a sophisticated night on the town.

How can you possibly choose just one image to frame and give to them at their engagement party? 

With a collage photo frame, you don’t have to! This is a great way to showcase a handful of your most cherished memories and pay homage to the ways their love has matured and grown.

Today, you can find these in a variety of styles. Some simply allow you to place a few images in a side-by-side format, while others use the pictures themselves to spell out words, such as LOVE. Find one that has enough space to fit the snaps you’ve saved, and include a thoughtful note when you give it away. 

One sweet touch? Leave two of the photo placeholders blank. In your note, instruct the couple to fill these spots with images of their wedding and honeymoon!

2. Personalized Star Map

Maybe you were the wingman or wing-woman tapped to hide in the bushes and film your best friend’s engagement in real time. Or, perhaps you found out with the rest of the world when the details were posted on social media.

Either way, a personalized star map helps you feel like you were part of the action! There are myriad online retailers that provide this product, and the premise is the same: Star maps depict an illustration of the night sky exactly as it was on any special day.

Want to know what the constellations were doing when your children were born? What about the day you started your dream job or made that big move out West? There’s a personalized star map for that. 

If you don’t already know these details, find out exactly where the couple got engaged, along with the specific date. Don’t assume you know if you don’t. These facts are critical to ensuring that the map is accurate and realistic. 

Many couples hang these above their beds as a symbol of where their journey toward marriage officially began. You can even have it personalized with their name and the date of their engagement!

3. Couples Journal

The couple who journals together stays together!

Those first few months and even years of marriage are full of big leaps, giant milestones and plenty of ups and downs. While they’re living in the moment, it can be difficult for a couple to reflect on what’s going on around them.

This is where a couples journal can make a world of difference. 

Rather than working as two individual journals, this is usually one journal that includes various prompts and questions. Beneath each prompt is a space for each partner to write their personal reflections. For instance, the prompt might be, “What has surprised you the most about being married?”

Years down the road, this journal will be an incredible keepsake that they’ll turn to time and again. They’ll open those pages whenever they need a dose of encouragement, a comforting memory or simply a reflection on the life they’ve lived together. 

4. Tongue-in-Cheek Mugs

Marriage is incredibly beautiful, romantic and whimsical. At other times, it can be hilariously the opposite. Why not pay homage to arguably the worst downside of becoming engaged? 

Our Bachelorette Party Mug for the Bride to Be sums it up perfectly with one simple realization: “Yasss! Same Penis Forever”.

Is it sarcastic or totally genuine? We’ll let you be the judge of that! As its name implies, this mug makes an excellent addition to any bachelorette party! If she’s going to enjoy one last night as a single lady, might as well fill up her cup early!

With this gift, you can choose your background color (black or white), along with your mug size (11 ounces or 15 ounces). We also sell a corresponding mug that reads “Yasss! Same Vagina Forever”! The two are available as a set for easy purchase!

Looking for other funny, irreverent mugs? We also offer this personalizable, two-toned version for fans of the television show “Friends”, along with our About Time Mug that pokes fun at couple who took the long road to the alter.

5. A Custom Portrait

The internet can be a crazy place sometimes, but it can also put you in touch with creators and artists that you would have never discovered otherwise. 

This comes in handy when you’re searching for engagement party gifts that are a head above the rest. In lieu of simply giving them a framed portrait, consider taking this idea one step further. 

Hop online and find local artists (or non-local artists who ship!) who do commission work on a per-project basis. Send in one of your favorite photos of the couple and ask them to recreate it using the medium they’re most familiar with. For instance, some artists might work with watercolors while others strictly use charcoal.

Go the extra mile and frame the finished product. Then, gift the final print to the engaged couple before their big day. This makes the perfect housewarming gift, too!

The best part? A custom portrait is a low-stress gift that’s sure to please.

Any time you gift someone a home decor item, you might worry that they’ll feel obligated to display it in their house. With this custom portrait, you can rest assured that they’ll display it proudly to showcase the personal touch.

6. First Christmas Ornament

In those first few weeks and months of wedding planning, the couple is likely focused on the big-ticket items. When will they get married and where? Have all of the bridesmaids dresses been ordered and what kind of desserts will they serve?

It’s unlikely that they’re working fervently to make sure their holiday decorations are ready for their first yuletide after tying the knot. Yet, as their friend, you can fuss over such details. 

Surprise them with a custom First Christmas Engaged Ornament, which can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date on it. If their style is a little more primitive or modern-farmhouse-inspired, this rustic version will totally fit their look.

As all of these items come with a gift box, you won’t even have to worry about wrapping! This is one gift you know they’ll keep and admire for years to come. They’ll think of you every time they trim their tree!

7. Set of Coasters

OK, OK. you might not expect to see a coaster set on a list of the top engagement party gift ideas. However, hear us out!

Think about how much time the couple spends in their living room, watching television or working from home. They should be able to keep their beverages with them at all times, especially if the refrigerator is far away from their designated hang-out spot. 

These days, coasters have come a long way from their standard, boring fare that adorned your parents’ home. Now, you can find ones in the shape of vinyl records, puppy dogs, or anything else that the couple particularly enjoys!

For a custom touch they’ll love, find small wooden picture frames and pop out the glass. Fill in that space with absorbable corkboard and use a waterproof marker to write love quotes or meaningful phrases all around the frame. It’s a quick and easy way to give a gift they’ll use and appreciate for years.

Looking for something a little fancier? There are even artisans that make beautiful ones from gemstones and glass that would make a stunning addition to any interior.

8. Custom Cutting Board

Who hasn’t seen the gorgeous Instagram shots of elaborate charcuterie boards adorned with various meats, cheeses and nuts? Far from just a hipster trend, this group-style dining approach has encouraged homeowners around the globe to up their cutting board game.

Fortunately, there are plenty of crafty men and women who know their way around woodworking. Hop on a craft site and peruse the many options! One sweet idea is to special-order a board in the shape of the couple’s home state. Then, you can have it engraved with their names, monogram or wedding date!

This way, they’ll think of you every time they open a jar of fancy olives and call it a party! Just make sure you double-check the type of wood used to make sure it’s food safe. 

9. A Cookbook

One of the first journies that a newly married couple will embark upon together is how to navigate a shared kitchen space. It’s no secret that some of the best memories are made gathered around this space, and soon, they’ll get to explore it together.

While they may have amassed plenty of hand-me-down cookbooks from well-meaning family members, it’s time to help them round out their collection with a few that are a little more “their style”. From cookbooks centered wholly around flirty cocktail drinks to those that explain how to make anything with a beer can and a grill, there are plenty to peruse.

Choose one that you think the couple will enjoy, and write a short but sweet message on the inside page. You can even bookmark some of your favorite recipes or ones that you think sound particularly delicious! To complement this gift, add in a bottle of wine and coordinating aprons!

10. Thank-You Cards

When the blissed-out couple arrives back from their honeymoon, one of their first orders of business will be unwrapping the mountain of gifts in their new living room. While this is undoubtfully a thrilling time, it can also be exhausting and tiring, especially after the third or fourth set of fine china. 

Chances are, they will be overwhelmed as they write down who gave them which gift, which ones they plan to exchange and which ones they’ll save to re-gift later. In all of the chaos, they could even forget to write and send thank-you notes for the presents they’ve received.

Why don’t you give them an easy and elegant head start? Create a little stationary gift set, complete with cards that showcase their new, shared monogram. Round it all out with a set of top-quality fountain pens, and a few notepads with the same embossing. This way, they don’t have to dig around or buy a whole set of cards when they already have enough on their plate. 

Give an Engagement Gift They’ll Love

An engagement gift speaks volumes about your connection to the happy couple. If you’re close, you’ll be comfortable with an off-the-wall gag gift that you know they’ll understand and appreciate. Or, you can also go a more formal route with a stationary set or beautiful cookbook.

At the end of the day, any gift given out of love is one they’ll enjoy. As you consider what to shop for, keep the couple top of mind. What would they prefer and which items might wind up at the back of their closet at the end of the day?

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? You’ve come to the right place. From weddings and engagements to births and retirements, we have the hilariously perfect presents you need. Feel free to browse all of our collections and contact us with any questions. 

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