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12 Intriguing Retirement Gift Ideas for a Coworker

A whopping 41% of Americans plan to work beyond the age of 65.

That means that being able to retire in this day and age is a true accomplishment to be celebrated.

Do you have a coworker that’s clocking out of the old nine-to-five for good?

Check out these retirement gift ideas for a coworker that they’ll love.

1. Hilarious Travel Mug

Almost all retirees desire to spend a good chunk of their time traveling around, seeing the sites of the world. Considering this, a travel mug is a practical and thoughtful gift that they’ll actually use.

Why get them some regular, boring travel mug, though? Check out this hilarious travel mug that will forever remind your coworker of the strange times in which they clocked out for good.

2. Craft Beer Gift Box

If you’ve got a coworker who loves great beer, why not find a gift box full of a variety of brews? You can even sign them up for a subscription service so they get a brand new box quarterly, every other month, or monthly.

Everyone loves cracking open a cold one at the end of a long workday, so one can only imagine what it’s like having a craft beer once you’re done with work forever. If most of your conversations with your coworker have been about how he tried the newest IPA from such-and-such local brewery, this is definitely the way to go.

3. Spa Gift Basket

Everyone looks forward to retirement because it’s a time when you can kick back and relax. Life doesn’t have to be stressful anymore, you’ve reached the golden age of doing whatever the heck you want whenever you want.

If you want to help your coworker jumpstart this relaxing stage of life, get them a spa gift basket. There are tons of different retirement gift basket ideas, but this one can be filled with all kinds of goodies that help them turn their own home into a spa. You can even throw in a bottle of champagne or wine as an added touch!

4. Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are frankly a good gift for just about anyone, for just about any occasion. What’s so cool about them is that pictures can be shared from their camera, phone, or social media right onto the picture frame. People from afar can even send photos to be displayed in the frame.

This means it’s an awesome gift for people who want to stay connected with their grandkids or kids who don’t live nearby. If you want to help your colleague cherish all of their memories from work and life, this is a great and thoughtful gift.

5. Out of Business Cards

If you’re looking for funny retirement gift ideas, consider getting your coworker “out of business” cards. It’s a bit of a gag gift, but sometimes it can be nice to incorporate humor into your token of appreciation.

Has your coworker been itching to get retired ever since you met them? They’ll probably love having these silly cards to hand out or admire to remember they don’t have to run in the rat race anymore.

6. Travel Hammock

When you think of being retired, can you think of a more perfect picture than of someone relaxing on a hammock on a tropical island somewhere? Why not help your coworker achieve this goal by getting them a lightweight travel hammock?

Whether they’re selling their house to drive around the country in an RV or they just want to relax in their backyard, this is a thoughtful and practical gift.

7. Outdoor Fire Pit

Now that your coworker has so much time on their hands, what are they going to do with it?

Well, if it were most people, they’d like to have a bonfire from time to time. There’s something so relaxing about sitting around a fire with family and friends. Is there any better way to spend time with people?

Help your coworker achieve the ultimate in retirement-living by supplying them with a fire bowl for their backyard. If they’re more of the camping type, snoop around and see if they’re in need of a new camping stove.

8. Mug or Tumbler That Will Make Them Smile

Even when your coworker isn’t working anymore, they’ll likely still have a cup of joe in the morning. What if you could give your colleague the gift of their new favorite coffee mug? What if it made them smile and laugh every day?

If you know your coworker would love this, check out our retirement collection of mugs and tumblers. If the retiring party is someone that you’ve always had a great time joking around with, what better way to show your appreciation than with a hilarious mug that they’ll always remember you by?

9. Retirement Countdown Timer

Has your coworker been counting down the days to their retirement since the day you met them? Do they have photos of tropical islands covering their cubicle walls? Are they constantly complaining about having to make that awful commute to the office?

This is a great gift for the coworker you know is just itching to retire. This is a fun and cute little gift you can get for someone when you want to give them a small token of your appreciation. It’s best given a bit ahead of time, so they can fully appreciate watching their working time tick away.

10. Watch

A watch is one of the most classic retirement gifts there is. That being said, it is a nice gift to give as it represents time. This tradition began in the 1940s at the Pepsi Company but has continued on between friends, family, and coworkers of the retiree.

If you’re very close with your coworker and you want to give them a classy, classic gift, a watch is the way to go.

11. Photo or Memory Book

There are different sites online where you can create your own personalized photo or memory books. This is a thoughtful way to share your favorite memories of the retiree in the form of a gift. You can also add in little stories and memory snippets so they can look through and remember all the good times they had over their working years.

12. Retirement- and Aging-Focused Book

Even though retirement is one of the most exciting moments in a lot of people’s lives, transitioning to retirement can actually be a little tricky. When you’ve worked the same schedule every week for the last several decades, it can feel strange to wake up and have no commitments.

There are a lot of great books on the market about retiring gracefully and aging in general. If you know your coworker is a big reader, this is a nice gift to give to help them in this new phase of life.

Does your coworker love to cook? Consider getting them a cookbook geared towards the health and nutrition needs of older people.

Do you know that they’re planning on traveling around the U.S. once they’re retired? There are a bunch of great travel guides out there, some of which are oriented towards retirees.

There are also some really interesting non-fiction books about the psychology of aging. Your coworker has worked hard their whole life to get them to a point where they no longer have to work. They might be very grateful to be given a resource about how to age happily and successfully.

These Retirement Gift Ideas For a Coworker Will Surely Make Them Feel Appreciated

Retiring can be a bittersweet process. Of course, who doesn’t want to never have to work another day in there life?

On the other hand, though, it means the end of an era. They’ll no longer get to see their coworkers daily or grab lunch with everyone at the office.

When a coworker is retiring, whether their simply an acquaintance or they’re a close friend, one of these retirement gift ideas for a coworker will surely make them feel appreciated. Whether it’s a small token of appreciation or something as expensive as a watch, your coworker will appreciate the thought you put into it.

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