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For the Office or Home: Your Guide to Cute Secret Santa Gifts

For Christmas, we spend just short of $1,000 on gifts for all our friends and family. While it can feel great to spoil everyone rotten, that just simply isn’t feasible for everyone.

If you’re on a budget, then your family might’ve opted for Secret Santa, where everyone buys and receives one gift. This is a fantastic idea, but it might put some pressure on you to find the perfect gift.

If you’re feeling the heat, then not to worry. Here are some cute Secret Santa gifts you can give this year!

Themed Advent Calendar

Chances are, you’ll be having your Secret Santa party prior to actual Christmas day. If so, then an advent calendar can be a cute idea, especially if it’s themed!

For example, if your giftee is obsessed with The Office, then you can find an advent calendar that’s themed after that TV show. They’ll get a kick out of unwrapping the present and they’ll have tons of chocolate to eat each day as they count down to Christmas.

If you really want to get creative, you can even create your own advent calendar. Arts and crafts stores like Michaels have unpainted wooden advent calendars you can pick up to decorate on your own. You can then stuff it full of treats that your giftee loves!

Phone Case

This is another gift where you have the chance to personalize it.

Practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and we all know how fragile they can be without a case on them. But if you’re fashion-conscious, then you’ll know that a plain case just won’t do.

For that loved one who’s obsessed with Disney characters, get them a Winnie the Pooh phone case! They’ll be more than happy to protect their phone and show off their cute new case to anyone who’s willing to look!

Stuffed Animal

You can never have enough stuffed animals, especially if they’re of the adorable sort. No matter if your Secret Santa recipient has 0 plushies or 100 of them, they’ll be glad to receive one from you this Christmas!

Find out what their interests are and cater to them. For instance, if they’re a foodie, consider getting a plushie of an anthropomorphized piece of pizza, their favorite food. It’ll be a hit, for sure.


There’s a good chance that where you live, it gets freezing in the wintertime. Everyone will need to bundle up, which means bring on the coats, scarves, boots, and beanies.

While some beanies are pretty plain, others are made to look adorably cute. For example, you can get ones that are knit with big pompoms on the side so it looks like the wearer is a fuzzy bear.

For those who enjoy cute gifts, then this is one you shouldn’t miss out on. This is an accessory that gives them a chance to look cozy and cute this wintertime!

Motivational Mugs

Maybe your loved one has been down in the dumps after a less than spectacular year. In that case, they could certainly use a pick me up.

A thoughtful gift you could give them is motivational mugs. During the day, they can pour their water, tea, or coffee into these mugs and be reminded of how great they are while they sip their beverages.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it can go a long way when your loved ones can get daily affirmations from reading their mugs.

Funny Mugs

On that note, another cute Christmas gift can be funny mugs! Depending on who you’re giving the Secret Santa gift to, you can choose a custom mug that will make them burst out in laughter when they unwrap the gift.

If your family, friends, or coworkers are ones that enjoy a bit of crude humor, then you can’t go wrong here. Everyone will get a kick out of your present when the recipient unwraps it and passes the mug around the room for everyone to see.

Reusable Bags

Today’s society is all about sustainability. Goodbye one-time use plastic bags, and hello reusable cloth ones.

But just because you’re eco-conscious doesn’t mean you have to be boring. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity and style!

There are many artists out there who are creating durable reusable bags from the cutest of patterns. Pick up a few for your Secret Santa giftee so they have a thoughtful and chic gift to use for years to come.

Drink Coasters

Everyone hates those pesky water rings that form and leave a mark on tables. An easy solution is drink coasters, of course!

Drink coasters of the past were plain and usually made of cork. But today’s bright and creative minds have made these boring things into fun and enjoyable items!

Simply browse online or even in stores, and you’ll find that there are many cute designs for drink coasters. Pick up a few for your Secret Santa recipient and they’re sure to appreciate it. In fact, you can pair them with a gift like our funny mugs so they can use their new presents without worry of damaging their coffee or dining table.

Give Out These Cute Secret Santa Gifts This Christmas

Aren’t our above ideas for cute Secret Santa gifts great? This year, you won’t have to struggle with holiday shopping. Instead, you can use our article as a fantastic frame of reference. 

So don’t worry this year when it comes to your Secret Santa party. Take our advice and you’ll do perfectly fine. In fact, your recipients will be in love with what you purchase them!

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