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8 Perfect Baby Shower Presents for Any Bundle of Joy

Is someone you love about to meet the pint-sized love of their life?

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the parents-to-be and stock them up with all the gear they’ll need in those first few years. You’re excited to attend, but what should you bring?

When it comes to baby shower presents, there are plenty of items that any new mom or dad will cherish. Today, we’re sharing eight of our favorite ideas that are practical, beautiful and sure to bring plenty of smiles.

1. A Memory Journal

The months leading up to a baby’s arrival are full of emotion and anticipation. Then, when the little one arrives, there are plenty of milestones and memories to remember. 

That’s why one of our top baby shower present ideas is a memory journal! Parents can write how they’re feeling before the baby is born, sharing dreams for their future and documenting their day-to-day journey. Then, they can use the same book to record baby’s first steps, first foods, first words, and more. 

This makes an excellent keepsake that can be passed down to the children to read and enjoy when they’re older. 

2. A Diaper Bookbag

One internet search for “diaper bag” will return a litany of results. Instead of wading through all of the options, consider an alternative style, instead. 

We love a bookbag-style bag for many reasons. We particularly like the way the straps evenly distribute the bag’s weight on your friend’s shoulders. Chances are, she’ll have her hands full and lugging around a bulky shoulder bag can get cumbersome. 

The exact brand you choose is up to you, but look for one that matches your friend’s style aesthetic. From solid and sporty to patterned and frilly, there are plenty of designs to browse!

3. A Funny Mug

The one piece of advice that most well-wishers give to expecting parents? Sleep now!

Once the baby comes, they’ll be up at all hours of the night for feedings and changings. This is where a great coffee mug comes in handy! Eschew the traditional, sentimental sayings and go for one that will bring them a much-needed laugh in the middle of the night.

Need a little inspiration? We love this DILF Mug from our collection, which is perfect for a new dad! Grandparents will also adore our cheeky Grandma Again Trump Mug, which can also be used to announce a pregnancy!

4. The Softest, Easiest Baby Clothes

Move over, baby jeans. Hit the road, onesies with a million snaps.

New parents don’t want fussy, uncomfortable clothes for their bundle of joy. Instead, shower them with incredibly soft separates that they can mix and match any day of the week. Instead of getting caught up in the many designs and prints available, stick to the basics.

Look for organic cotton shirts and pants in solid colors that go with anything. Make sure they’re easy to wash, stain-resistant and free of any frills, and you’ll be the hit of any shower.

5. A Spa Kit

Yes, those first few months are all about the baby. Parents will be tending to their every need, losing sleep and a little bit of their sanity in the process.

This is one of the many reasons why a well-stocked spa kit is one of the most creative baby shower presents, and also the most appreciated. 

Find a sturdy, beautiful basket and fill it to the brim with bathtime goodies you think your friend would love. From rich body butters and bath bombs to calming essential oils and shower steamers, the list is nearly endless. You can stick with a theme (e.g. beachy scents and accessories) or simply add in the R&R essentials you think they’ll adore. 

6. A Sibling Present

Most older siblings tend to get passed by at a baby shower honoring their new brother or sister. They might get a pat on the back or a few questions about their feelings toward the new arrival, but gifts are usually reserved for the tiniest addition to the family.

That said, why not throw in a simple but meaningful gift for the new baby’s built-in best friend? We adore our Promoted to Big Sister Shark Ornament. Colorful, personalizable and adorable, it’s especially perfect for a shower thrown near the holiday season!

7. Wall Letters

If your loved ones have announced the name of their baby, consider gifting them a small set of wall letters that spell out the miniature moniker. Resist the urge to go oversized here, as you might not know the theme or design that they have in mind for their nursery.

Just stick to letters that are a few inches tall and come with wall-hanging hardware. These would make a sweet statement in a bathroom, over a changing table or above the baby’s closet door.

8. Personalized Jewelry

One of the sweetest description of children is that they are their parents’ hearts, beating outside of their bodies. Personalized jewelry is a great way to let a new mama wear her heart on the outside, literally.

Look for gold, silver or rose gold neck chains with the new baby’s initials or full name engraved on tiny charms. You can also find monogrammed rings, bracelets or earrings! You can go really fancy with delicate items or stick to more durable leather or heavy-duty plastic accessories for the active mom on the go.

The Baby Shower Presents They Really Want

Diapers, baby food, and gift certificates are mainstays at almost any baby shower. When you want to give a gift that stands out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with these eight ideas.

These baby shower presents are unique, special and packed full of meaning. Every time the new parents reach for them or use them, they’ll think of you and your devotion to their family.

Looking for more one-of-a-kind gifts sure to turn heads and bring plenty of laughs? We’ve got them all in our shop, so keep browsing! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and let’s connect. 

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