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What You Give Matters: Why You Need Custom Christmas Gifts This Year

Christmas is a magical time of year filled with family, love, and delicious food.

No Christmas celebration is complete without gifts. Do you believe that it’s better to give than receive?

There’s no joy quite like the joy you feel when giving a custom gift selected specifically for that special person in your life. Custom Christmas gifts show your loved ones that you’ve put thought, time, and attention into their present. 

Unsure which items make the best custom gifts? We’re here to help!

Take hold of your holiday spirit and let’s explore some custom Christmas gift ideas.


Nothing says Christmas quite like gorgeous ornaments hung on the tree. Custom ornaments are the perfect way to memorialize a special time in someone’s life.

Baby’s first Christmas, your first holiday as a married couple, or other achievements. Add a specific date, the year, the recipient’s family name, and even a photograph to create a personalized gift.

While sentimental custom ornaments are beautiful, you can also add quotes, funny memes, or other catch-phrases that hold special meaning. 

Personalized Mug

Mugs are a classic gift with universal appeal. Personalized mugs make great custom Christmas gifts because they combine practicality and style.

Customize a mug using the person’s monogram, an inspirational quote, or a family photo. Add specialty tea, fresh ground coffee, or flavored hot chocolate for a bundle gift that appeals to the senses and the heartstrings!

Photo Blanket

Nothing is more sentimental than a Christmas gift that includes photographs — and who doesn’t love a nice soft blanket to curl up with during the holiday season? 

Personalize a blanket using a family photo, baby pictures, wedding photos, or even a graduation image. Photo blankets double as protection from the cold and beautiful home decor. 

The recipient can use this custom Christmas gift as a throw blanket on their couch or their go-to blanket for bedtime. Either way, they’ll smile and think of you fondly every time they use it. 

Comfy Christmas Pajamas

Similar to the ugly sweater trend that took hold a few seasons ago, matching Christmas pajamas are all the rage these days! 

Custom pajamas are available in all styles, sizes, materials, and fun patterns. If you’re buying Christmas gifts for the whole family, order a comfortable set for every member from dad all the way down to the baby.

If you’re lucky, your custom Christmas gift will be memorialized in your loved one’s social media feed for years to come.

Custom Calander 

After the thrill and excitement of Christmas are over, the New Year is just around the corner. With resolutions to make and schedules to keep, a calendar is the best custom gift to kick the year off right!

Collect photos that capture some of your favorite moments together. If possible, choose memories that correlate with each month and season. Use Easter or spring pictures in April, fun summer photos for the months of July and August, and Halloween photos for October.

Your family and loved ones will be reminded of your generosity all year long.

Make a Statement with Custom Christmas Gifts

Anyone can go to the store and grab a gift card or box of chocolates as a quick Christmas present.

Custom Christmas gifts show your loved ones that you put time, care, and thought into choosing something special. 

Browse our extensive collection of gifts to spark your creativity! Customize your gifts with a quote, photo, or name for an especially personal touch. 

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