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Coming Together: 7 Gift Ideas for Inlaws

In-law relationships have long been the subject of eye rolls and groans. However, the right gifts can help strengthen these connections and help you set a firm foundation with your partner. Whether you’re cozy enough to treat these spare parents as your own or you’d prefer to limit your interactions to birthdays and major holidays, it pays to have a few go-to presents in your back pocket. Today, we’re sharing seven gift ideas for inlaws that are sure to help you earn a few brownie points as you integrate into this new family dynamic.

1. Custom Wine Glasses

At an especially tense family gathering, sometimes a little vino is the only thing that can loosen everyone up. Why not pay homage to your favorite shared pastime by gifting your in-laws a set of custom etched wine glasses?

Keep it simple and customize each glass with their monogram, along with a simple motif or design. To add a little bulk to the gift (and make you the obvious favorite), pair these glasses with a bottle or two of their preferred bubbly!

2. Slow Cooker

Want to give your mother-in-law a gentle hint that you’d prefer her decadent chicken casserole more than once per year? Looking to entice your father-in-law to make his world-famous gumbo at least monthly?

There’s no better gift for inlaws than one that encourages them to spend more time in the kitchen, all for your benefit! Today, you can find many different kinds, including both Crock-Pots and Instapots, among others. Round out the gift by throwing in a beautiful cookbook, and you can expect plenty of meals at your doorstep all-year-round!

3. A Set of Quirky Mugs

Sometimes, a funny gift message conveys the exact sentiment that you wish you could say to your in-laws directly!

Take our Being My Father-in-Law Tumbler, for instance. This solid, UV-laser-printed tumbler is available in 12, 20 and 30 ounces and delivers plenty of lighthearted sass. We also offer a version that’s perfect for your beloved mother-in-law!

Looking for the perfect inexpensive gifts for inlaws on the days leading up to your wedding? Express your appreciation for the way they’ve raised your partner with this Thanks For Not Putting My Husband Up for Adoption mug set! This is a hilarious way to admit that, from this day forward, you’re the one he’ll annoy for life. 

4. Monogrammed Doormat

It can be hard to find the right gifts for inlaws who have everything. This is especially true if they don’t have a ton of hobbies! Instead of trying to think up elaborate schemes, stick to the simple pleasures of home.

A monogrammed doormat is a tasteful and thoughtful present that they’re sure to adore. Look for one that matches their personal style and resist the urge to scrimp on this one. There’s a major difference between a well-made doormat and one you’ll find at the big-box store. 

Stick to thick fibers, rich pigmentation and an elegant design and you can’t go wrong. This makes a particularly sweet gift for in-laws who have just relocated to be closer to their grandchildren. If this is the case, add in a custom address stamp as a memorable way to welcome them home. 

5. Portable Outdoor Firepit

Do your in-laws love spending time in the backyard? Does their idea of a good time include setting up a game of cornhole, firing up the grill and knocking back a few cold ones until the sun sets?

With a portable outdoor fire pit, they can keep the party going well into the evening. Once considered a luxury item, it’s now easier than ever to find fire pits that are sturdy, stylish and a cinch to set up. You can even find ones that come equipped with extended top ledges that double as a second serving space for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

They’ll love taking theirs to tailgates, camping and plenty of other excursions. If you’re lucky, they may even bring you along!

6. Coffee-of-the-Month Club

What gift pairs well with a tongue-in-cheek Father-in-Law Trump Tumbler? A Coffee-of-the-Month club subscription, of course!

This makes the perfect surprise for someone who can’t truly function without filling their cup first thing in the morning. With a subscription box, they can sample different flavors and varieties of coffee from all over the world. You can usually choose from whole-bean or pre-ground varieties, and specify your preferred strength before ordering. 

This is also a great way to help your in-laws curb that fancy, expensive to-go coffee habit that costs them upward of $20 per week!

7. Framed Family Portrait

Even if there are a few uncomfortable jitters to work out with your in-laws, the reality is that they’re in your life. Show them you’re ready to embark on this new adventure together by commissioning an artist to paint a portrait of their whole family together. Instead of posing for a live shoot, most artists will allow you to send in a digital print that you love, and they’ll turn it into a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece.

If you want to save a little money and go an easier route, you can also take a favorite family shot to your local film studio and enlarge it. Then, splurge on a fancy frame and you’ve got a gift they’ll treasure for life. 

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It isn’t always easy to shop for someone who isn’t a close friend or relative. Whether you’ve known your partner’s family for years or you’re just meeting them before the wedding, the right token of appreciation can help cement your status. It can also ensure that you start out on the right foot together.

When you need the best gift ideas for inlaws, we’re here to help. Our collection of improper and offbeat mugs is full of conversation starters and icebreakers that can help you ease into this new role, stress-free. Feel free to browse our options today and reach out with any questions!

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