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New Home, New Needs: 13 Perfect Housewarming Presents

Were you aware that giving a bad gift can hurt a relationship? Alarming but true, it turns out that according to research, an ill-chosen gift can actually drive you further apart from the receiver. Ready for some good news now? Fortunately, the same study also showed that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to make a friend or loved one happy with a gift. Instead, the key is to focus on gifts that will truly serve the receiver, as well as ones that symbolize a common interest. Now, when it comes to housewarming presents, it gets even better. 

Why? Because when people move into a new house, it’s common to gift more functional household items. 

The upside to this is that functional gifts—if well-chosen—are some of the most likely to stand the test of time. What’s more, just because housewarming gifts often have a utilitarian side, doesn’t mean they can’t be sentimental, personal, or lux. 

If you’re panicking about what to get for a house warming gift, don’t. Because housewarming present help is on the way. 

Ready to pick out a standoutgift for your newly settled friends or family? If yes, don’t go anywhere because we’re about to dive into a list of 13 top housewarming gift ideas.  

1. Wine Glasses

If your newly moved friends are wine lovers, a set of tall stemmed, thin-rimmed wine glasses could make for the ideal housewarming present. 

If you’re worried that they already own wine glasses, consider this. A winery can go through an average of 6 wineglasses a week due to breakages. While we aren’t suggesting your friends’ homes are wineries, we all know how easily breakages happen, especially when it comes to wine glasses. 

A regular wine drinker could easily go through a set of glasses in a year, so don’t fret that your gift will go unused. The next time they entertain and have an incomplete set, they’ll thank you for your well thought out present. 

That said, if the receivers of the housewarming gift aren’t big on wine, then you might want to consider some of the other options on this list. 

2. Personalized Mugs

There’s nothing that shows that you care like a personalized gift. And there’s nothing better to personalize than a mug!

If your recently relocated friends or family love nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or a steaming cup of tea, then a set of personalized mugs are a great way to give them a functional yet fun gift. 

Of course, the secret is to nail the personalization. While you could go with something simple, like their names, you might want to think out of the box a little or aim for something cheeky or humorous. Inside jokes are a great starting point, as well as nicknames, personalized puns, etc. 

If you’re stuck for personalization inspo, you can browse our range of personalized mugs for ideas. 

On the other hand, if you have something perfect and personalized in mind, contact us to discuss a unique design. Whatever your desire, when it comes to mugs we can make it happen. 

3. A Cheese Board

If your friends like the finer things in life, a cheeseboard could be another great housewarming gift option. Besides being functional, cheeseboards can also be attractive and double as kitchen decor propped next to a recipe book, or hung on the wall. 

When shopping for a cheeseboard, try to select one that speaks to your friends’ or family members’ tastes. Do they like a rustic aesthetic? If so, olive wood or oak could be a good choice.

Are their taste’s a little more chic and modern? If so, perhaps a marble cheeseboard will float their snack serving boat. 

Of course, once again, if your hosts are not the type to make up cheese boards and platters, then you might want to skip this gift and consider something more in line with their everyday tastes. Remember, you want the gift you choose to serve them for years, not take up space in the back of a cupboard. 

4. Beer Glasses

If beer is the choice beverage over wine with your freshly settled-ins, beer glasses are another top selection when it comes to housewarming gift ideas. 

Many avid beer drinkers make a hobby out of collected unique beer glasses and mugs. So, don’t be afraid to go with something out of the ordinary. 

Speaking of the unique and unusual, remember what we said about breakages? Well, the same applies to beer glasses. 

If you want to get your friends or fam something that will stand the test of time and be highly original, you can also consider getting them a set of beer steins. 

If you are unfamiliar with the term, these are traditional beer mugs made out of stoneware. If that sounds like the best gift ever, then take a look at our (slightly improper) beer steins

5. Motivational Decor

Unless you’ve been living under a stone (or without Pinterest) you’ll probably have noticed that motivational decor is having a hot moment. 

Besides being super on-trend, motivational decor can also make for thoughtful a housewarming gift idea. If you choose the right saying, your gift could bear the perfect message for your friends to have around them in their new home. 

There’s literally no end to the number of inspirational quotes out there to choose from, so you can take your pick. What’s more, motivation decor encompasses a huge variety of things, from art prints to doormats. 

Of course, we’re all about the mugs over here, so if you can’t find any decor with an inspirational message you like, you can also browse our motivational mugs.

Mugs make for great motivational themed gifts, especially if your friends are java fiends that keep their mugs within arms reach all day. 

6. A Hardy House Plant

Besides mugs and other kitchenware, one of the best housewarming presents has to be a plant. Plants brighten up living areas, can fill out awkward corners, and bring a breath of life into any space.

Besides looking amazing just about anywhere, indoor plants are also proven to boost your happiness and purify indoor air. 

Be aware however that not all indoor plants are easy to care for. If your host doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs, try sticking to hardy houseplants that take a lot of killing. If you choose a finicky species, the receiver might inadvertently end up killing it, and be left with that sad and incapable feeling of “plant parent guilt.”

7. A Fancy AF Coffee Grinder

If there are coffee lovers in the (new) house, one of the best housewarming presents has to be a coffee bean grinder. But, not just any old grinder will do for a special housewarming gift. Especially if there are any barista-grade coffee headers involved. 

Rather than opting for a bottom of the range mill, make sure you pick out a quality grinder. For the ultimate in freshly ground flavor and aroma, we recommend that you look for a burr grinder, as these are the best for creating an even ground size. 

If you really want to put an all-out touch on your java-licious gift, you can also throw in a couple of cheeky coffee mugs or bags of artisan beans. 

8. A Blue Tooth Shower Speaker

Got a shower singer for a newly moved friend? Why not give them some bass to get sudsy to?

Bluetooth shower speakers are an ultimate gift because, while they are undeniably one of the century’s best inventions—they’re also not something that a lot of people think to get for themselves. 

But take it from us, once you go the shower speaker route, you’ll never go back. If your housewarming party thrower can’t live without music, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll be using this gift for many showers to come. 

Lastly, if the person(s) in question is an avid podcast listener, you’ll score even more friend points. 

9. A Basic Tool Kit

Moving into a new and maybe upsized home (hello college grads, we see you) can come with an annoying amount of unexpected DIY to-dos. 

Not all of us are at the point where we have a garage worth of tools yet, and if your friends aren’t either, a basic tool kit might make an ideal gift. 

Be aware however that if you’re gifting this to a couple, one member of the new household might find more joy in this housewarming present than the other. 

In that case, be sure to pick up something that the other one will also enjoy and find useful. 

10. A Big Throw Blanket

Let’s get real. One of the first things we all think of when moving into a new place is snuggling up on our couch in the new pad and getting an epic binge-watch on. 

And for that, you need a good throw blanket. 

Throw blankets never go to waste, and they are both a decor item and utilitarian (in the best way possible). This makes throws an ultimate housewarming gift idea to consider. 

When shopping for a throw blanket as a gift, make sure you take into account the preferences of its receivers. Don’t forget, throw blankets often double as decor, so you want it to tie in with the rest of the new home. The safest bet is of course to go with neutrals, or, failing that a muted and subtle pattern. 

However, if you know that the throw’s going to a home where the colors are bold and patterns even louder, you could get a little more adventurous in your selection. 

Lastly, to avoid looking stingy, don’t go for one of those skinny single person throws. When it comes to throw blankets, the old *adage*, bigger is better holds true. 

11. A Chef’s Knife

Kitchen knives are something everyone uses, and having a good knife is an essential if one likes to cook. However, too often we’re stuck hacking it out with blunt, plastic-handled kitchen knives one’s had since college. 

If this sharply reminds you of a certain someone who just recently moved, and who’s house warming you’re attending, a chef’s knife could be a great housewarming present. A good quality chef’s knife will be with them for years, make their lives a whole lot easier, their cuts sharper, and their knife block that much snazzier. 

12. Coasters

Remember all those glasses and mug related housewarming gift ideas from earlier? Well, if you really want to give a gift that lacks for nothing, you can also pair these with a set of coasters. 

No matter the beverage, glasses and mugs, whether hot or cold, will leave ring marks when placed on wooden tabletops. Therefore, be a good friend/neighbor/family member and throw in some coasters to keep any prized wooden tops free of ring-shaped watermarks. 

13. A Gift Voucher for a Restaurant in the Area

If someone is moving to your area, chances are you know the best spots in town to eat, and they don’t.

If you want to engage in a little spoiling, one of the least-thought-of housewarming gift ideas has to be a restaurant voucher. The great thing about a voucher is you can usually choose the value. Whether you want to cover their whole meal, or gift roughly enough for drinks and hors d’oeuvres, the choice is yours.

According to science, experiential gifts are guaranteed to make the receivers happy—and what’s a more enjoyable experience than dining at a new restaurant?

That said, here’s a pro tip. If the newly moved-ins are still in the process of unpacking and getting settled, try to find a restaurant that has a delivery option. This way they can choose between going out, or ordering in if they are knee-deep in the last leg of home organization. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With This List of Housewarming Presents

Housewarming presents can be tricky to pick out. How much should you spend? What will they actually use?

Fortunately, now that you’re armed with this mega list of house warming gifts, you can’t go wrong. 

If you enjoyed our dose of housewarming present help, head on over to our shop where you can browse the ultimate range of occasion-themed mugs. Warning: we don’t go soft on the humor—so go check out our lines and be prepared to be amused.

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