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10 Greatest Graduation Gift Basket Ideas for the Grad This Year

It’s graduation day! Endings and new beginnings are here. You couldn’t be any prouder of the grad in your life for making it to this point in their education.

This special time of the year only comes around once, and you want to make sure that you give the grad in your life the best graduation gift basket you can. The best graduation gifts are those that come from the heart, not necessarily from a store. 

Coming up with unique graduation gifts is a pain, though. You don’t want to do the same old thing as everyone else. Thinking of something new is a challenge in and of itself, though. 

One option is to create a graduation gift basket. You can mix and match the kinds of objects you put in these gift baskets to suit your individual grad. Feeling a bit stuck on where to start? 

You can easily begin by reading about this year’s 10 greatest graduation gift basket ideas. No need to sweat it: any one of these will be the perfect gift, exactly what you need it to be. 

1. Girl Power Graduation Gift Basket

The future is female. Duh! Why not honor your girl grad with a girl power graduation gift basket? 

Make a cute plaque with an inspiring quote on it from a well-known feminist figure. You could even include an embroidered pouch. Include some tasty snacks too, like plenty of chocolate. 

Celebrate your girl grad’s successes with a “girl power”-themed graduation gift basket! She deserves to know how special, smart, and powerful she is. 

2. Oh the Places You’ll Go! Gift Basket

Graduation day is always sentimental. Show your grad how much you care by creating a gift basket based off of the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Moving forward in life can be difficult for new grads. Give them positive support by wondering with them, “Oh, the places you’ll go–now that you’re graduated!” 

Pair it with a photo album or custom-made picture frame, a nice journal, and more. Keep them feeling inspired about what’s ahead in their journey. 

3. The Foodie Gift Basket

We all love to eat! A gift basket for your foodie grad full of their favorite old study snacks will definitely make them smile. 

What else could you put in there besides food? Include some gift certificates for their favorite restaurants. It’s easy, and you’re supporting local businesses while you do so. 

You could also write recipes on some cute stationery as well. It’s never too late to learn how to cook some new dishes, and post-graduation is as good a time as ever! 

4. Money Gift Basket

If you’re not a great gift-giver, you can’t go wrong with giving a money graduation gift basket. “What is a money gift basket?” you wonder. “Can’t I just put some cash in a card?”

Be a little more creative! Fold the money into flowers and deliver the money basket as a bouquet. You could even make a wreath of money to present as part of the basket.

The creativity in making a money gift basket shows the time you put in to create a fun gift for the grad in your life–not to mention the money too! 

5. On the Road Gift Basket

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel, post-graduation is a long, seemingly endless road. The itch to travel after a huge accomplishment like graduation is one that you can help encourage in your grad if they have a bit of a travel bug in them. 

Indulge your grad’s travel bug with a copy of the On the Road for reading, a journal to write down travel experiences, and some good snacks for the road. 

If you’re feeling cheeky, include a map of what you think their first destination will be. Or, if you can invest in it, a Polaroid camera is always a good option. Your grad will appreciate being able to have printed photos of their travels! 

6. The Handy Gift Basket

Post-graduation, you never know what you’ll need in a new environment. Make sure your grad is ready by gifting them with a basket full of handy, everyday things!

Here’s a list of some useful items you could include in a handy graduation gift basket: 

  • screwdrivers (really!)
  • flashlight
  • nice soap
  • playing cards (everyone needs a deck!)
  • pens and other office supplies
  • snacks (cookies, crackers, you name it)
  • toiletries

Buy a cute, colorful, cheap tub. Put some gift wrap in between your items, and you’re all good to go! Handy dandy graduation gift basket, here we come! 

7. The Giving Tree Gift Basket

Like Oh the Places You’ll Go!, The Giving Tree is another classic picture book to give a graduate. No matter your grad’s age, The Giving Tree is a timeless classic that will be a warm, welcome gift. 

Write a personalized note in The Giving Tree book to your grad. In the gift basket, throw in some treasured photos. You can even make a donation in their name to an organization your grad supports. 

It’s all about giving, after all! Your grad has given you joy with their accomplishments, so let your gift reflect that. 

8. The College Survival Gift Basket

If your grad is going to college, what better thing to give than the ultimate college survival gift basket! Moving from high school to college is a big step, and the grad in your life will likely appreciate anything you can give them to start them out. 

Consider dorm room snacks and food like crackers, ramen, or any other non-perishable. You can also throw in some needed class supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, and folders. Have the notebooks and folders reflect the personality of your grad! 

College is scary, but it doesn’t have to be with your thoughtful college survival gift basket. Your grad will thank you for it as they navigate their first semester living on their own. 

9. Bathroom Bliss Gift Basket

Can you say “spa day”?! We all need moments of self-care, and relaxing bathroom products are a great way to do that. Your grad will love the toiletries and other spa items you can put in a gift basket! 

So, what should you include exactly? Of course, take your grad’s needs in mind, but for some basics, you could include: 

  • lotions (make it smell good!)
  • a packet of soft tissues
  • some essential oils (throw in one for relaxation–lavender works!)
  • a loofah
  • shower gel or good-smelling soaps

Whatever you can think of to help gift your grad with a future “spa day” will be appreciated. Showing you care starts with making sure your grad indulges on some good self-care too! 

10. Graduation Gift Basket in a Mug

Last but not least, why not buy a commemorative graduation mug and stuff it with goodies? It seems simple on the surface, but it’s actually an adorable gift idea for your grad. 

We’ve got a great selection of graduation mugs. Take a peek to find the right one for your grad! Add a little humor by purchasing a funny one to make your grad laugh. 

That’s right: stuff the bag with lots of treats like chocolate, candy, and other snacks they enjoy. You can even make those money flowers mentioned earlier and have them “grow” out of the mug itself. Be creative! 

Let Your Creativity Flow

Don’t box yourself in, and definitely don’t just get a plain old gift card. Tap into your creativity to visualize the perfect graduation gift basket for your grad. 

By personalizing the gift basket, you show you care about your grad’s individual needs and interests, rather than giving them a generic gift. A grad can always receive money or fun spa materials as a gift. However, the personal touch to their gift will show how much you care and value them for who they are.

This is significant to do on big occasions like graduation since it is a time of transition. Your grad needs all the love and support they can get as they move to take the next step in life. 

Whether your grad is all about girl power or simple college survival, travel or money, a spa day, or The Giving Tree, they will be incredibly grateful for your thoughtful gift. 

It’s a bit overwhelming, so why not throw in a mug as the starting piece to your gift basket? File a customization request with us so we can make a custom mug for your grad. 

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