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Wedding Gift Ideas for People You Don’t Know Very Well

There’s nothing like a great wedding celebration. There’s food, music, dancing and the best part? It’s all free if you’re a guest! This makes it an ideal way to spend a few hours, even if you’re not particularly close to the happy couple. However, you can’t exactly show up empty-handed! Whether you’re headed to celebrate the nuptials of your long-lost great-aunt, your brother-in-law’s little sister, or anyone else, we’ve got you covered with plenty of wedding gift ideas.

Today, we’re sharing a few presents they’ll always remember, even if their names keep slipping your mind!

Quirky Kitchen Gadget

You don’t exactly want to shell out hundreds of dollars on a full set of pots and pans for someone you hardly know. However, there are plenty of less-expensive quirky kitchen gadgets that make a great, affordable wedding gift.

From warming butter knives to pancake batter crayons, you can find a plethora of ideas from one simple internet search. Pick out a few low-cost ones and make a simple basket, or invest in one mid-range item, such as a veggie spiralizer!

Set of Wine Glasses

Nothing breaks the ice like a little bubby. That’s why a beautiful set of heavy wine glasses makes a failsafe wedding gift for anyone you know (or don’t).

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can look for glasses that are etched with the couple’s shared last initial. Otherwise, you can simply pick out a set from a fine houseware store in your city. Either way, this makes for a simple and sophisticated gift, especially when paired with an inexpensive bottle of champagne!

First Christmas Ornament

Looking for a wedding gift that’s special and customized, but won’t break the bank? Get the happy couple a First Christmas Married ornament like the one in our shop! With a few clicks, you can add their last name and wedding year on the ornament and it can arrive right to your doorstep.

The best part? This ceramic ornament comes pre-wrapped in a white gift box, which makes it a simple and effortless wedding present!

Pair of Candles

Few things turn a house into a home quite like a great candle. Whether the couple has been living together for years or is just moving into their first shared home, they’ll appreciate the sentiment behind a beautiful candle set. 

Today, you can find oversized, great-smelling candles at most home goods stores at an affordable price point. If you can, try to match the scent to the wedding season. For instance, pumpkin-scented candles are ideal for an autumn event, while floral ones are best-suited for a springtime gala.

Luxurious Linens

Sure, it’s not a huge deal to sleep on the 200-thread-count sheets you’ll find at most big-box stores. Some couples might be fine with this, but it’s simply because they don’t know any other way!

Look for soft, silky linens that feel as great as they look. Instead of taking a gamble on a brick-and-mortar store, go ahead and do a little online digging to find the best user-reviewed sets. Here’s a list of the 20 best sets for under $100!

Wedding Scrapbook

Their photographer might give them a coffee table book filled with glossy, high-resolution pictures from their wedding day and engagement session.

Yet, what about those Polaroid snaps from the photo booth at the reception? What about those monogrammed napkins and the airline ticket from their honeymoon flight? A wedding scrapbook is a great place to store those mementos forever. 

You can find plenty of options in office supply stores, home goods stores, or even online craft marketplaces. Throw in a beautiful set of pens and you’ve got a gift that’s as practical as it is beautiful. 

Happy Marriage Mug

One modern wedding trend is to ask guests to write words of wisdom on scraps of paper and add them to a commemorative bin for the couple to read together. This wisdom usually comes in the form of sage advice from old-timers and long-married couples and includes suggestions such as “Don’t forget to date your spouse” and “Never go to bed angry”.

These are all well and good, but we all know there’s one universal rule that can help keep any marriage solid: Listen to the wifey!

Our Wedding Mug For New Husband pays homage to this clever instruction and is sure to find a permanent home in the couple’s kitchen.

Date Night Gift Certificates

Yes, it’s tempting to head to the local department store and simply get the couple a gift certificate, buy a fancy card and call it a day. Or, you may want to fill an envelope with a little money and walk away.

While this is permissible, why not put a little more thought into it? While you’re at the gift card aisle, pick up three, mid-priced ones instead of one sizable one. Get one to cover dinner, one for a movie at the theater, and one for dessert afterward. Tell them date night is on you!

Browse Our Wedding Gift Ideas Today

You might not be too close with the couple tying the knot. Yet, it’s important to remember that this is one of the most important days of their lives.

As such, it’s nice to show up with a gift that expresses your gratitude for the invite and makes a memorable impression. While you might not know their personal tastes and preferences, the wedding gift ideas on this list are universal enough to work well for almost everyone. 

From the hilarious to the elegant, there’s something for every style. When you’re ready to start shopping, we encourage you to keep browsing the products in our shop. We have the mugs, ornaments, tumblers, and steins you need to keep your gift closet well-stocked. As you shop, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions!

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