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The Complete Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for the Home

Did you know that for Christmas 2019, Americans spent over $1 trillion? On average, they spent a little under a grand for gifts. No matter what your budget is this year, you want to make sure that you get practical gifts for your friends and family. That way, your dollars will go a long way. If you need some inspiration, then you’re in the right place. Here are some great ideas when it comes to Christmas gifts for the home.


Some greenery in the house is never a bad thing. Not only can it perk up a space, but it can also earn its keep as well. There are plenty of beautiful houseplants that clean the air as well as beautify an area.

You might now be concerned about your loved ones who aren’t so adept at keeping plants alive. In that case, you don’t necessarily have to leave them out of the plant gifting.

Instead, you can consider giving them some more hardy plants, such as succulents. Not only are these gorgeous and come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re also very difficult to kill. This pretty much guarantees that they’ll have some greenery around without much effort.

On that note, you can also think about giving terrariums as presents. These are neatly arranged with rocks and succulents inside dainty glasses so your giftees can place these all around their homes.


Yes, we know that in this day and age, most people find recipes online and either download and/or print them. However, nothing beats how cozy a cookbook can make a home.

Perhaps your friends or family are struggling to make meals, whether it’s because they’re new at it or they’re repeating their repertoire all the time. This is a great opportunity to research some cookbooks that fit their time, budget, and personal tastes.

Not only can they learn some new recipes, but they can also proudly display their beautiful new cookbook in their kitchen.

Hand Wash and Lotion Set

Keeping up with personal hygiene is important, especially when it’s flu season. There’s no doubt that your family and friends will run out of hand wash at some point, so be considerate and get them a set that’s made from the best ingredients possible.

When you wash your hands often in the winter, this can cause them to dry out easily. So while you’re staying on top of hygiene, your hands might feel extremely uncomfortable and cracked.

This is why you should highly consider gifting a hand wash and lotion set. They’ll have matching lotion to put on after they’ve washed their hands so their skin stays nice and soft.

New Mugs

Mugs are always a great gift idea! We can’t live without water or other beverages, especially coffee for some people. Even if the giftee has tons of mugs already, they can always use another one or two. Some people like to use particular mugs for special occasions, and let’s face it: there comes a time when mugs will inevitably break.

So do your loved ones a favor and get them some new mugs they can cherish. There are many funny mugs you can give them that’ll make them chuckle every morning when they pour some hot java into it.

If you want to take it a step further, gift them some NSFW mugs. Not only are these hilarious, but they’re also risque. These mugs are perfect for those in your life who love crude humor.

What’s great about giving people mugs as Christmas presents is they’re definitely going to be useful. Even if the recipient doesn’t currently use their mugs, they can still display them proudly in their cabinets.

Bartending Kit

For the adults in your life, they probably enjoy having a drink or two. But they might not have the proper equipment to “run” a home bar.

A bartending kit can be perfect to give, as your loved ones will get a high-quality set of the right tools to work with when creating their own drinks. When they have people over and are entertaining, they can then show off their presents by mixing up cocktails with whatever you’ve given them.

Wine Glasses

Perhaps some of your loved ones don’t enjoy mixed drinks. In that case, you can gift them some high-quality wine glasses instead! These are always breaking, so it never hurts to have some spares on hand.

You don’t have to get them normal wine glasses either. A great alternative is stemless wine glasses, which don’t break as easily. They’re perfect for those who are just a little bit clumsy.


You can’t go wrong with giving people ornaments during the holiday season, especially if you’re getting together to exchange gifts for Christmas.

There’s also no such thing as having too many ornaments. These are amazing keepsakes that recipients will appreciate no matter what.

You don’t even have to pick out something that’s meaningful to them. Just giving them an ornament that commemorates this year will suffice, as they’ll think back fondly every time they hang that ornament on the tree.

If you do want to go that extra mile, you can always have ornaments custom-made for the occasion. There are plenty of talented artists online who can personalize any ornament you want to gift friends and family.

Give Wonderful Christmas Gifts for the Home

By reading this article, you now have a few ideas when it comes to Christmas gifts for the home. 

You now have some time before the holiday seasons roll around, so make sure you get to shopping early. That way, you can avoid the crowds, items being out of stock, and higher prices. You’ll be laughing this holiday season when everyone’s scrambling to buy presents and you’re already all done!

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