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Baby on Board: 13 Amazing Pregnancy Gifts

Pregnancy is such a special time. For an expectant mom, everything is changing, and it’s the beginning of a new and exciting phase of life. If you have someone special in your life who’s pregnant, they deserve a little pampering and extra attention. Whether she’s a first-time mom or not, this is an important time in her life as she prepares for her baby. If you’re not sure where to begin with pregnancy gifts, we have some ideas that may help.

The most important thing is to let the expecting mom know you care and are here to support her along the way. Here are some ideas for pregnancy gifts any new mom is sure to love.

1. Pregnancy Books

New moms love to read pregnancy books, especially those that detail the baby’s development week by week. Baby name books are also popular if the new parents haven’t decided on a name.

If she has these kinds of books already, you could go with a parenting book about babies or toddlers that she could enjoy later. If she’s an avid reader, buy her a best seller, a romance or mystery novel, or any book you know she’ll enjoy.

The best pregnancy gifts don’t have to be related to pregnancy. You just need to show the soon-to-be mom you’re thinking of her, and you care. 

2. Skin Care Basket

Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s skin. Surging hormones can change the texture of a pregnant woman’s skin, hair, and nails.

Any pregnant lady would love to receive a basket full of beauty and skincare products. A basket with a rich moisturizing lotion, facial scrub, shampoo, lip gloss, nail polish, and other beauty essentials is a great idea.

Don’t forget to add some shea butter or coconut oil for a growing tummy. A woman’s skin is especially sensitive to the sun during pregnancy, so some sunblock and lip balm are nice touches.

Items for the bath like bath bombs, gentle soap, loofahs, baby oil, or a bath pillow are great additions too. She will love all the thought you put into creating a unique beauty basket for her. 

3. Personalized Gifts

Many women love personalized gifts, and pregnant women are no exception. Monogrammed gifts continue to be a popular trend for all ages.

A monogrammed mug, tumbler, makeup bag, or other item makes a nice gift. Taking the time to choose a personalized item shows you care and put some thoughtfulness into your gift.

Every pregnant woman needs plenty of hydration, so a personalized tumbler or cup is a practical gift as well.

A cute pair of monogrammed socks will remind her to put her feet up when she needs a break. And she will remember you cared enough to add a personal touch to her gift.

When you’re pregnant, it’s always nice to receive a thoughtful gift you can use during pregnancy and after the baby arrives too. 

4. Spa Day

Most pregnant women are busy with work and family and have little time to splurge on themselves. That’s what makes a gift of a spa day so special.

It allows the mom-to-be time to relax and rejuvenate for a little while. The spa attendants understand how to focus on a pregnant lady’s unique needs.

You could make it a girls’ day out or even a couple’s spa day. Every pregnant woman deserves a little extra TLC and pampering.

Add a massage to the package for the perfect day. Massage is beneficial during pregnancy, especially for sore backs and tired aching legs and feet. 

If the mom-to-be is on bed rest or can’t leave home, bring the spa to her. A gift basket with a body scrub, bubble bath, body butter, and massage oils will leave her feeling pampered and relaxed. For an extra special touch, include a soft, comfy robe like she would wear for a real spa day.

5. Pregnancy Pillow

As the months go by during pregnancy, getting a good night’s sleep gets harder for most women. It’s hard to find a comfortable position, and many women toss and turn during the night.

Sleep is so important for mom and baby, so adding a little comfort and support at night can help mom get the rest she needs to feel her best the next day.

A pregnancy pillow will help support her back and belly as she sleeps. It’s especially helpful during the final months of pregnancy when lying down becomes more difficult.

Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes, from wedges to cushions to full-body pillows. This gift says I care about you and want you to be comfortable and feel your best.

6. Baby Essentials

Most soon-to-be moms love to nest and prepare for their new baby. This includes gathering all the essentials to keep their baby clean and soft from morning till night.

Give her a bundle of baby items like baby bath essentials, bibs, washcloths, towels, burp cloths, socks, and booties. This is a practical gift and a thoughtful one. 

You’re buying items the baby will need and saving mom the money she would spend on these necessities at first. Walk down any baby aisle, and you’ll see hundreds of baby products to choose from.

Make up a cute basket or use a small baby hamper for the items. Giving a gift inside a gift is always a nice touch. 

And if you want to add the ultimate baby essential to your basket or bundle, don’t forget the diapers.

7. A Dinner Out

At the end of the day, most pregnant women don’t want to cook. They need some time to rest and relax, especially if they work on their feet or have other children to care for.

One of the nicest gifts you can give is to take a mom-to-be out to dinner or give her a restaurant gift card she can use when she needs a break.

Make it somewhere with a nice quiet atmosphere, delicious food, and good service. Everyone enjoys eating out sometimes, so it’s a gift you can be sure she’ll enjoy.

She can even pick up her meal to go if she isn’t in the mood for a crowded restaurant. If you want a more personal touch, make her a home-cooked meal and deliver it to her to enjoy.

This is also a very thoughtful gift once the baby arrives, and mom is too busy and too exhausted to cook.

8. Something Sparkly

You can’t go wrong with the gift of jewelry. Giving a piece of jewelry like a necklace, earrings, or bracelet is a special way to mark any occasion.

You can find something nice no matter your budget. If the mom-to-be wears a charm bracelet, buy a charm signifying the pregnancy. 

A cute initial necklace, heart, or locket is always the perfect gift. Jewelry is a gift that lasts, so she can enjoy it now and for years to come.

If gold or silver isn’t in the budget right now, today’s costume jewelry selections are endless.

Think of something with a theme like butterflies, animals, stars, or anything she loves. Or go with something classic like small hoop earrings or a simple bracelet.

She’ll love that you took the time to choose a piece of jewelry for her at this very special time in her life.

9. Pregnancy Journal

During pregnancy, the days may seem long. But once you give birth, you realize how fast it all went by. A pregnancy journal is a gift that lets the mom-to-be document her journey through pregnancy.

It lets her record all that happens from the first kick to the big day when baby arrives. As time goes by, we tend to forget the little things, and a pregnancy journal lets mom record these treasured memories for later.

It’s an amazing gift because it allows mom, dad, and baby to look back on the memories of the pregnancy. Every pregnancy journey is unique, so this is a great gift, whether it’s the first baby or not.

A journal is also a great gift for an adoptive mom who wants to document the adoption process to share with her child someday. 

10. Custom Mug

Everyone loves a special mug for their coffee, tea, or cocoa. Choose a funny saying or something sentimental to personalize the mug.

You can choose a mug set for mom and dad to mark the occasion. If mom is always on the go, an insulated mug is a great choice.

She can keep take it with her in the car or on future stroller walks with her baby. Add her initials or a personalized saying to make it extra special.

You could add a pair of warm socks along with a cocoa mix for a cozy gift. Or fill it with her favorite candy for a sweet touch.

You can’t go wrong with a mug. It’s a practical gift any mom-to-be will appreciate now and in the years to come.

11. Gift Cards

When you’re in a rush to choose a gift or can’t seem to decide, a gift card is always a good choice. Choose a card from her favorite department store or neighborhood boutique.

If it’s early in her pregnancy, you can give a gift card from a maternity shop. Many expectant moms don’t want to splurge on themselves, so this would come in handy when her regular clothes no longer fit.

You can give a restaurant gift card or a card from her favorite salon. You can even choose a general gift card that she can use anywhere. 

Another option is to give a variety of gift cards in small sums. Think about her favorite fast food options, ice cream parlor, coffee shop, or bookstore. 

There are endless options to choose from. Just think of the person and what they love, and you can’t go wrong with this option. 

Add a heartfelt note and good wishes for a healthy pregnancy for a final sweet touch.

12. Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments never go out of style. They’re sweet, sentimental, and perfect for marking any special time or event.

You can give an ornament any time of the year. It’s a gift that lasts and brings back a memory each time you hang it on your tree. 

You can choose a baby theme or go with something you know the mom-to-be will love. You can have it personalized with something silly or heartfelt or simply add her name or initials.

You can find a great selection of ornaments online. They make great gifts for any occasion, including a thoughtful pregnancy gift.

13. Cute Pajamas

Most girls love a cute pair of pajamas. For a pregnant lady, be sure to choose something soft, loose, and comfortable. 

Stay out of the maternity section. Instead, buy a set with an elastic waist and a larger top than she normally wears. 

You want something she can use throughout the pregnancy but will be comfortable after the baby too. Pair the pajamas with come cozy socks, comfy slippers, or a good book to relax with.

This is a gift that says I care about you and want you to relax and take it easy when you can. 

The perfect Pregnancy Gifts

There are so many things an expecting mom needs, so you can’t go wrong with any of these pregnancy gifts. The key is to try to think of the person and ask yourself what she likes and enjoys. 

Giving a gift during someone’s pregnancy lets them know you care, and you’re thinking of them during this special phase of life. Take a look at our website and our quality personalized products to mark any occasion. 

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