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What to Put in a Mug for a Gift: Your Ultimate Guide

84% of consumers say that gift-giving causes them stress. So it’s very likely that when there are upcoming holidays and birthdays, you get stressed too! We understand how frazzling it can be to not only find presents, but also to put together something that’s thoughtful and enjoyable. So to help you out, we’re here with a few gift ideas. Read on to find out what to put in a mug for a gift so your presents can be a hit!

For Friends

If these are platonic friends (and you wish to keep it that way), be careful not to put anything in the mugs that could be interpreted as romantic. So steer clear of things like red roses and heart-shaped chocolates.

Items you can put in the mugs can be seasonal. For instance, if it’s winter, they’d surely appreciate some hot cocoa mix and a packet of cookies! Or if it’s spring, you can even put a live plant in the mug for them to grow by the windowsill.

For Coworkers

You can easily use the same ideas from above for coworkers! But of course, you can also make the gifts more work appropriate with some tweaks.

For example, you can give them some coffee creamers and/or a small bag of coffee to perk them up during their shifts. Or give them an assortment of tea bags if they prefer to drink tea instead.

A non-edible idea is putting beautiful stationery sets into the mugs, including pens, Washi tape, notepads, and even small planners.

For Family

Once again, all the platonic ideas from above are excellent for family as well.

An edible mug fit can be mug cakes! Simply mix together all the ingredients, put it in a cute bag, then stuff it into the mug with a mini spatula and whisk. All your loved ones will have to do is empty the bag, stir in water or milk, then microwave to get a treat within minutes!

For Significant Others

Give your significant other a whole package by not only selecting a romantic (and funny) mug, but also putting all their favorite things into it! Go all out to show your love by including heart-shaped chocolates with sappy quotes, some red roses, and a small stuffed animal that either fits in the mug or is big enough to look like it’s holding the mug.

You can also go the extra mile by tucking in a handwritten note. They’ll definitely treasure that forever!

Know What to Put in a Mug for a Gift

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to create fun and thoughtful mug gifts for the people in your life! Whether it’s for your sister’s baby shower or for your coworker’s birthday, you have lots of fun gift ideas to use.

Now that you know what to put in a mug for a gift, you should actually get some mugs! Thankfully, we have a large selection of funny ones you can give to your friends and family. Browse them now!

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