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The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving for Every Occasion

60% of people say they’re good at finding good gifts for their loved ones. Don’t fall under that category? Then you might have tough experiences whenever holidays and special occasions pop up.

Does gift giving have you stumped every single time? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article, we’ll cover how to give gifts for every occasion so you’re prepared, no matter what!


Birthdays are occasions where you can take the most liberty with gifts. But sometimes, this wide range of options can cause you to freeze up. There can be such a thing as too many choices, after all.

Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and think about things they might be lacking in life. And don’t just think about tangible items either; they can be lacking in experiences!

For example, maybe they’ve always wanted to go bungee jumping but have still never been. In this case, it’d be fantastic if you gifted them a bungee experience!


Anniversaries are a chance for you to either be humorous, romantic, or both! The exact style of gift you choose will depend on your partner and how long you’ve been with them. For example, if you’ve only just started your relationship, then you might want to stick with romantic, unless you know for sure they’ll like something funny.

When you’ve been together with someone for a long time, you might feel like you’re running out of ideas for what to buy them on anniversaries. But you can never go wrong with matching anniversary gifts, such as mug sets. Every time they use these mugs, they’ll think of how much they were laughing when they unwrapped their present.

You should also think of doing something thoughtful and considerate for them. Again, gifts don’t always have to be something expensive and tangible. If you have children, think about booking a spa day for your wife so she has a day off from family duties and can relax without kids running around.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, you can follow the same tips as above. However, because every other couple will be celebrating their love on the same day, you’ll have to give it more thought to avoid disappointment.

For example, you might think a present of a nice dinner at your favorite place will be excellent. But when everyone else has the same idea, a romantic idea can quickly turn into a crowded nightmare.

Think about something that holds a lot of meaning to just the 2 of you, such as the park where you had your first date at. Putting together your own picnic can mean a lot more than a dinner reservation at a swanky restaurant.

You can also think about any inside jokes you have between the 2 of you. Then, find items that reflect those jokes. That way, the presents will truly be unique. 


Christmas can be a doozy because you have so many people to buy gifts for. When you have to find the perfect presents for 10 people, that can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

What you should do is keep an ear to the ground all year long. If someone mentions that they’re missing something integral in their life and it’s not a seasonal thing, make note of it and purchase it when possible.

When you do this, not only do you get Christmas shopping out of the way early on, but you’ll also get the best prices since you can wait for specials. 

Some More General Tips

You now have some general tips for giving the best gifts for special occasions. Here are some more general tips you should abide by.

Don’t Ignore Wish Lists

If someone’s given you a wish list, then your job’s so easy! Don’t try to overcomplicate things by wondering if there are actually other gifts that would be more perfect for them.

Even if you think a gift card to a clothing shop is really boring, resist the temptation to try to outdo yourself. Your loved ones have let you know exactly what they want, so just purchase the present and give them what they want.

Don’t Be Afraid to Give Gift Cards

Gift cards can be appropriate, but only in certain cases!

If it’s your close family members, such as your sister or dad, then gift cards can be a slap in the face. You should know them better than that.

But if it’s your sister’s new boyfriend, then that can be completely appropriate. You don’t know him well enough to know his personal tastes, but still want to include him in the festivities. Gift cards are a great middle-ground for these situations.

Never Give Cash

Gift cards are perfectly acceptable to give, so why can’t you give cash?

There’s just something that’s unspoken about gifting people cash. It has an element of, “I don’t know you well and didn’t care to put some thought into your gift.”

So no matter how tempted you are to give someone cash, don’t do it. Instead, try to think out the box or ask someone they’re close to if there’s anything they’ve been wanting.

Even if you end up giving them something that’s worth less in cash value than what you would’ve given them in hard cash, it’ll most definitely be more appreciated!

Gift Giving Made Easy With Our Tips

With our above gift-giving tips, you’ll never be stumped again. Say goodbye to sitting around for hours, thinking about what the perfect present would be for someone on a certain occasion.

All you’ll have to do is refer to this article and you’ll be able to purchase the right gifts, all without wasting your precious time mulling over things.

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