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The Best Mother-in-Law Gift Ideas to Win Her Over

Are you trying to win over your mother-in-law? Whether you’re dating her son or daughter, getting in the good graces of your SO’s mom is a crucial turning point in any relationship. For some people, their mother’s approval can be a deal-breaker. So, how can you guarantee that you make the final cut? Although there’s no sure-fire approach, these mother-in-law gift ideas might just earn you some brownie points.

So, put on your winning smile, grab some gift wrap, and let’s check out unique mother-in-law gifts to help you win over the second most important woman in your life.

Personalized Mug

Does your mother-in-law enjoy a warm cup of coffee each morning or a soothing cup of tea at night? Why not gift her a personalized mug that displays some of her favorite things?

Start with her favorite color. Then add a personal touch like her initials, a favorite cartoon character, motivational phrase, or a photo depicting her hobby or occupation. 

If your mother-in-law has a sense of humor, try one of these funny mugs that are sure to bring a smile to her face. Whichever design you choose, she’ll think of you fondly every time she takes a sip.

Family Portrait

One way to tug at your mother-in-law’s heartstrings is by memorializing the most important relationship in her life — the one she has with your significant other.

If you can, get your hands on a precious family picture. It can be of just her and your spouse or the entire family. Then, personalize it in some special way.

Get the photo blown up and framed. Change the color to black and white or have an artist paint a replica of the photo on canvas. 

This mother-in-law gift idea will appeal to her emotional side and is something she’ll cherish forever.

Recipe Cutting Board

Is your mother-in-law an avid cook? (Or thinks she is?) 

A personalized cutting board shows her that you take notice of her interests and appreciate all those delicious meals and treats she whips up!

Have one of your mother-in-law’s infamous recipes engraved on a gorgeous wooden cutting board. She can have it for everyday use or display it in her kitchen as a conversation piece.

This is a special gift that not only compliments your mother-in-law’s cooking but does it with the added touch of engraving.


You really can’t go wrong with jewelry as a gift. Even if your mother-in-law has a specific taste, there are a few meaningful pieces that she can’t help but appreciate — and wear!

A mother-in-law necklace with interlocking circles or hearts resembles your close relationship and her role as your “second mom”.

If she’s not quite that sentimental, try a keychain that displays her grandchildren’s birthstones or your wedding date. This last suggestion marks the day that you two officially became family. 

These Mother-in-Law Gift Ideas Are Sure to Win Her Over

The mother-in-law relationship is a complicated one. Mothers who are especially close to their children have a difficult time letting go.

These mother-in-law gift ideas are sure to put you in her good graces and earn you her blessing! 

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