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The 7 Greatest Anniversary Presents for Parents

What do you give to the people who gave you life? Their love is why you exist in the first place, so another tie won’t exactly cut it. Buying anniversary presents for parents can be overwhelming, especially if your mom and dad are already difficult to shop for. The key is to find something that’s special and meaningful enough to fit the occasion. 

Today, we’re sharing seven top ideas that can help you jumpstart your shopping spree! Whichever milestone they’re celebrating, they’ll appreciate the thought behind each gift.

1. Side-by-Side Picture Frame

Chances are, most of the photos your parents have of their younger years pre-date social media and even high-speed internet. They’re probably in photo albums readily available in the living room or home office.

This means it should be relatively easy to secretly snag a picture of days gone by. Save the original and make a copy, and then snap a pic of them today!

Then, assemble the two in a picture frame, following side-by-side format. Look for a frame that comes with an inspirational quote, or customize one with their names and wedding date!

2. A Second First Date

The diner where they had their first dinner together might be closed now. Or, maybe that old cinema has been turned into a superstore. Still, there are plenty of ways you can bring your parents’ first date back to life!

Ask them to share as many details as they remember about that night. Then, get to work behind the scenes. If any of the establishments are still open, book reservations for two. 

This is one gift that you can make as elaborate or as simple as you want. You can stick to the basic activities that they did, or you can shop for clothes that look similar to their old attire and play music from that era. Either way, it’s fun to surprise them with a full-on replica of the day their life together began.

3. Personalized Anniversary Mug

Do your parents start each day with a cup of coffee? If so, a funny mug is one gift they’ll reach for time and again. This Personalized Anniversary Mug can be customized with your parents’ names, as well as the number of years they’re celebrating!

They might have lived 20, 35 or 50 years together, but this accessory reminds them that even as annoying as life can be sometimes, their love is always stronger.

You can also find anniversary-themed mugs that are a little naughtier, such as this NSFW set! If your parents watched the entire season of Tiger King during the early months of the quarantine, they’ll especially love this Carole Baskin Anniversary Mug.

4. A Luxurious Sheet Set

Sure, you’d rather eat a box of nails than think about your parents in bed. But truth be told, when’s the last time they splurged on a great pair of sheets for themselves?

The reality is that whether their kids are toddlers or full-blown adults, most parents are severely sleep-deprived! A gorgeous set of sateen or premium cotton sheets is just the reprieve they need. Find a set that matches their bedroom decor and they’ll thank you for years.

5. Custom Family Portrait

Looking for a gift that’s sure to elicit a few tears from the happy couple? Commission an artist to paint a simple portrait of your family!

If you’re looking for a more traditional gift, you can send in a special picture of everyone together and ask the artist to recreate the scene. Do you have a special picture from the family beach trip last year? What about a holiday pic with everyone in the same frame? These work well and are a great way to commemorate a special, shared occasion. 

For a more modern touch, send in individual shots of everyone’s face only. With these details, the artist can create a circular portrait, with your parents’ likeness in the middle, surrounded by their children, pets and other loved ones. 

6. Digital Photo Frame

Have your parents recently discovered the joy of FaceTime? Did they just recently join social media? If so, honor their budding tech-savviness with a digital photo frame!

The way these devices work is simple: You’ll pre-load them with digital images that you know your parents will cherish, using a USB drive, memory card or online photo gallery. Then, they can press “play” and watch the images slide by in a loop all day long! It’s today’s version of the traditional photo album, upgraded and revolutionized for a new generation. 

7. Custom Throw Blanket

Cozy nights on the couch just got a lot sweeter!

This year, gift your parents a custom throw blanket, embroidered with the initial of their last name. Look for ones in buttery-soft cashmere or premium cotton for a high-end look that will outshine the other, worn-out blankets in their living room. 

Whether you choose a solid print or a pattern, go all out with tassels or keep it simple, they’ll appreciate the time and thought behind this snuggly gift.

Anniversary Presents for Parents Who Have Everything

What’s the perfect way to say, “Thank you for everything, mom and dad?” You could rack your brain trying to think of the perfect token of admiration and still come up short!

This list of anniversary presents for parents is a great place to start when you need a little help finding the perfect gift. Ultimately, let your parents’ personality be your guide as you shop. What activities do they love to do together? Are there any places that are especially meaningful to them?

In time, you’re sure to land on a gift that will perfectly represent your love for them and their love for each other. If you need more ideas, take a look at all of the funny and thought-provoking mugs in our online shop! If you have any questions, reach out to our team for help.

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