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How To Create an Amazing Housewarming Gift Basket

Every year, about 35.5 million Americans move. With those numbers, the chances are that someone you know will be moving soon. Are you stuck in a pickle, trying to figure out what to get them for a housewarming present?Don’t get them one thing, fill a whole basket with presents! Here’s how to build the perfect housewarming gift basket.

Questions to Ask Before Building Your Housewarming Gift Basket

People move for different reasons and at different times in life. You’ll want to take the answers to these questions into consideration before diving into making your housewarming gift basket.

Are They Downsizing or Upsizing?

If the recipients of your housewarming gifts are downsizing, you might not want to go too overboard with your basket. People downsize for a lot of reasons, whether by necessity or out of a desire to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. That being said, you might want to focus more on consumables than permanent gifts so you’re not just giving them things they’ll end up getting rid of.

If they’re moving into a bigger home, then maybe you’ll want to give them gifts that reflect this. Are they moving to a larger house because their family is growing? Consider adding a family board game, some movies, or some fancy popcorn.

Are They First-Time Home Buyers?

When people are buying a house for the first time, they’re mostly interested in acquiring the basics. If you know them well, keep an eye out for what they’re missing in terms of kitchen and home goods.

Even if you don’t know them well, things like a rolling pin, wooden spoons, a whisk, and some clever coffee mugs can be a great addition.

Are They Moving to a New Town?

Sometimes people completely change their scenery, moving to a whole new town, state, or even country. This is a big life change and you can make your gifts reflect helping them make this adjustment.

Do a little research into the area that they’re moving to and make them a binder of gift certificates, take out menus, and information about local attractions. You could even add a framed picture of a beautiful spot in the town.

What Are Their Interests?

The best housewarming gift ideas reflect the interests and hobbies of the recipient. The best thing about making your own housewarming gift basket is that you can tailor what’s in it to the specific person.

Are they a gardener or a die-hard Pink Floyd fan? Are they into fishing or cooking? Think about what you know about their interests and incorporate that into their gifts.

Are They Good Friends or Merely Acquaintances?

Sometimes you might be making a gift basket for your best friend, others you might just want to help welcome new neighbors to your street. Depending on how well you know them, you can make more or less personalized housewarming gifts.

Find the Perfect Basket

Now that you’ve answered those questions, you can start building your basket. First, of course, you’ll need a basket!

You can incorporate what you know about the gift-receivers interests here. A metal bucket for a gardener could work well, or a cute wooden crate for your friends who love all things ‘rustic.’

You can find a basket for gift baskets just about anywhere. Head to your local big box store, thrift store, go to a garage sale or search online and you’ll find more than enough options. It’s nice to think of the basket or box as a part of the gift, however, so try to imagine it being useful to them after the fact.

Use a Cute Dishtowel to Line the Basket

When lining your basket, why not make the lining a gift in itself? Sure, you could use tissue paper, but it’s only going to be something for them to throw away on the other end.

Instead, find a cute dishtowel that you can line the basket with and they can find useful. Who doesn’t need an extra dishtowel in their home?

Pick Out Your Items

Here’s where it really gets fun. The world is your oyster when it comes to what to fill your gift basket with. Use these unique housewarming gifts as inspiration for building your perfect gift basket!


Is a house ever really a home without a houseplant? This is a great gift that few people could even dream of turning their nose down at. Find a cute little succulent or a thriving spider plant to enliven their new home.

Funny Mug

Everyone drinks coffee, and everyone loves a good laugh! Throw a funny mug or two into the gift basket and it won’t disappoint.


Making a house a home isn’t a process that occurs overnight, but having some wonderful smelling candles can sure help! Consider finding candles made in the location of their new home, as an added touch.


The ideas here are endless. Whether it’s utensils, spices, mixing bowls, or hot mits, make sure their new home’s kitchen is decked out with all the fixings.

Gourmet Food

This is another good one whether you know the people well or they’re basically complete strangers. Gourmet chocolates, candies, and other foods are an awesome gift just about anyone can enjoy. This is a good route to go if you know they’re moving into a much smaller home or choosing a purposefully minimalistic lifestyle.

Bottle of Wine

Everyone hates moving. Why not help them out after their stressful move with a little unwind-in-a-bottle?


Every homey home needs a cozy blanket. This is a nice, soft touch to add to a basket, and it can even be used as the basket’s lining.

Cheese Board

Do your gift recipients love a great cheese plate? Add a cheese board made of marble, wood, or slate to your basket.


There’s always room for a book in a housewarming basket. Whether it’s a topic you know they love or an author they can’t get enough of, why not give them something to read in their new home?

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are awesome gifts for any occasion. You could also include a selection of different essential oils for them to try out.


Give the gift of a beautiful vase so they have something to display freshly cut flowers in once they’ve got their new house set up. You could even put a bouquet in there to add some color and life to your basket.

Gardening Supplies

If they’ve got space for a garden in their backyard, consider adding some gardening supplies. This is an especially good idea if you know it’s one of their hobbies.

Gifts for a Cook

This could include things like fancy olive oil, nice measuring cups, cutting boards, or any other nifty kitchen gadgets. You could throw a cookbook in there too if you think it would be to their liking!

Gifts for the DIY-Freak

Some people love doing it all themselves. Buying a new home is a dream for these people. Help them out by adding some essential DIY supplies like paint brushes, painter’s tape, and a tape measure.

Gift Certificates

Who doesn’t love a good gift certificate? Whether they’re moving to a new town or around the corner, giving the gift of a prepaid meal or activity is something everyone appreciates.

Spa Accessories

Fill your basket with body washes, bath gels, loofahs, candles, and anything and everything that lends to relaxation. Consider combining these items with a nice plant or a great book to read.

Hot Chocolate Fixings

This is particularly key if their new house has a fireplace. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up in the winter with the ones they love and a nice cup of hot chocolate?

Craft Beers

If wine isn’t really there thing, maybe go the craft beer route. Helping to welcome people to their new home with a selection of local craft beers is always a win.

Gourmet Coffee

Whether you know them well or not at all, gourmet coffee is a great gift basket addition. Consider pairing it with an awesome personalized mug!

Tie a Ribbon Around the Basket

Now that you’ve got all the fixings inside, tie a beautiful ribbon around the handle. It really completes the presentation.

Don’t Forget a Greeting Card

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a card. It can be a simple message or a heartfelt letter, whatever is appropriate for the situation.

A Housewarming Gift Basket Is a Great Way to Help Others Settle Into Their New Home

Moving to a new house is exciting but it can be incredibly overwhelming at the same time. The tradition of giving housewarming gifts is a great way to help new homeowners transition from feeling like the house is simply a building they live in into their lovely, cozy home.

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