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Hate Boring Gifts? Here Are 7 Random Gifts for Him

If you have a guy in your life, you may feel like he’s impossible to shop for. Maybe he buys himself everything he needs, or maybe he has hobbies and tastes that are outside of your price range. How do you find the perfect random gifts for him that you can afford and he can love?

Luckily, there are a lot of great gift options for guys out there. Read on to discover some of the best random gifts you can get the man in your life that he’ll enjoy for years to come.

Whiskey Stones 

Whether your man is a whiskey aficionado or just enjoys a finely crafted cocktail, whiskey stones can be a great gift. Whiskey stones are often made from soapstone, a non-porous natural stone. This non-porousness means soapstone carries no original odor or taste of its own. 

When you add ice to a drink, it melts and waters down the whiskey you’re trying to enjoy. Whiskey stones can be chilled and added to your drink to keep it cold without changing the flavor. This natural grey stone will bring an elegant sophistication to your man’s drink that will make him feel like James Bond.

Cleaning Putty

We all enjoyed playing with Silly Putty as a kid, and this cleaning putty is a sort of adult version. Electronics, and especially keyboards, tend to collect debris, including crumbs, dust, and oil. But cleaning these electronics can be difficult thanks to their nooks, crannies, and aversion to water. 

Cleaning putty makes it a snap to get your electronics spic and span clean. You mash the putty onto the keyboard or electronic you’re cleaning, where it sticks to dirt, crumbs, and debris and pulls them out. Your man can fold the putty a few times to get a clean side, repeat the process, and have a clean keyboard in the most fun way possible. 


Everyone needs a good set of tools, but sometimes, your guy may be in a bind and need a screwdriver or bottle opener. He’s not going to want to haul a whole toolbox around with him all the time. So why not get a multi-tool that he can keep with him for every unexpected situation? 

Good multi-tools may contain a variety of screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and even a small wrench or two. They might have cutting surfaces, a small set of scissors, and potentially a nail file. And, of course, what multi-tool would be complete without a bottle opener for him to pop open a beer once the job is done?

Beard Care Kit 

If your fella sports a beard, why not give him the tools to give his beard a little TLC? Beards need as much care as the rest of our hair, but they can often wind up neglected. Giving your man a beard grooming kit can make him feel pampered and give him a self-confidence boost every day.

A good beard care kit should have a brush to align all the hairs and smooth them into shape. It may also have a small pair of scissors to trim up the edges or a balm for his cheeks and neck after he shaves. And, of course, a good beard oil to moisturize and nourish his hair is a critical part of any beard kit.

Desk Organizer

Trying to stay organized at work can be a challenge, and a messy desk can add stress to your day. Having a desk organizer around can keep your guy’s workday a little happier. And every time he looks at it, he’ll think about you and how awesome you are!

Look for a desk organizer in sophisticated dark wood, perhaps lined with leather. You want something that has compartments for pens, sticky notes, and any other supplies he may use at his desk every day. Go for more understated designs; you don’t want something that will overpower his whole desk. 

Brewing Kit

If your man enjoys a well-crafted brew, why not give him the tools to make his own? Brewing is a simple enough process that he can do it in his kitchen, and the results are delicious. He can make a wide variety of different beers to share with family and friends, or to enjoy himself.

There are a variety of sites that offer kits with everything you need to brew a beer from scratch. Look for a kit that has a style of beer he’ll enjoy drinking – if he’s a porter man, you don’t want to give him an IPA kit, or vice versa. Also make sure he has bottles, crowns, and a capper to bottle up his creation at the end of fermentation.

How-To Books

There are a variety of books out there that your man may enjoy perusing. One great option is general “how-to” books targeted towards men. These may include tips about things every man should know how to do by a certain age or general tips and tricks for work around the house.

You can also get him a book about some of his favorite hobbies. If he’s into hiking, consider getting him a book about the best places in the world to go hiking. If he likes cooking, get him a cookbook, or if he’s into video games, get him a book with information about all the classic games and systems.

Find Random Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for the guys in your life can be a trick; how do you know what they’ll need or like? These ideas will make for great random gifts for him, no matter what the occasion. Think about his interests and hobbies and pick a gift that will take those hobbies to the next level. 

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