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Happy Wife, Happy Life: 4 Gifts for Newlyweds to Get for Each Other

Every year, there are over 2.1 million marriages in the US.

Are you and your significant other joining the ranks this year? Then congratulations! In that case, you’ll want probably want to gift each other something to celebrate.

To give you some inspiration, we’ll show you 4 gifts for newlyweds that you can get each other to remember for all time!

1. Anniversary Journal

This isn’t really something you can give each other, but rather, share throughout the years.

With an anniversary journal, you can start filling it out on your wedding day, with all your loved ones as witnesses. Then, every year, you can then fill it out again with all the things you’ve accomplished together. 

Nostalgia is good in general, but it’s especially great for helping couples feel closer and happier. Having these amazing memories to look back on will be well worth it!

2. Personalized Wedding Pillow

When it comes to newlywed gifts, this is an excellent choice. Anything that’s personalized with your wedding date is awesome to decorate your new home with.

Plus, a personalized pillow means you have a wide variety of choices regarding what you want on it. It can be as plain as just your names and your wedding date, or you can have the artist embroider intricate designs. For some artists, the sky’s the limit, so you can go wild with it!

3. Matching Mugs

Chances are, you both get up and get a cup of coffee (or tea) together in the morning. So mugs are always handy to have around!

Matching mugs can be adorable to have, such as one that says “wife” and one that says “husband.” But if you both have a crude sense of humor, you can kick it up a notch.

Get yourselves “same penis and vagina forever” mugs to put in your cupboard. You’ll get to start off each day with a snicker and a reminder of how much you love your spouse. This definitely falls under the category of fun gifts for newlyweds!

4. Handwritten Love Notes

This might be one of the sappiest newlywed gifts for each other, but it’s practically free and comes straight from the heart. You can make these notes as short or long as you want. Plus, you can decorate the pieces of paper however you wish too!

You and your love can write some heartfelt notes on your wedding day and then exchange them whenever you wish. If you both like the idea, then it can be a longstanding tradition to exchange handwritten love notes on your anniversaries.

Get These Gifts for Newlyweds

When it comes to gifts for newlyweds, we’ve got you covered. This article should be a fantastic starting point and hopefully, it’ll inspire you to think of other gifts your spouse will love. So get to shopping for something that’s sentimental and that you’ll both treasure for years to come!

Want to give your sweetie some more fun gifts for newlyweds? Then take a look at our anniversary collection now.

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