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Congrats, Your’e Old: Awesome Gag Gifts for 40th Birthday Parties

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s about to take that long and laborious journey over the hill?

If so, only the best gag gifts for 40th birthday party celebrations will do!

This isn’t exactly the milestone to celebrate with serious, sentimental presents. Instead, it’s time to pay homage to the fact that the guest of honor is one step closer to qualifying for that coveted senior discount!

Let them know you’re thinking of them and you’re along for the ride with these hilarious surprises they’re sure to appreciate. 

1. An Inflatable Walker

Might as well get them started early!

Whether you bring it already inflated or do the big reveal during the party, the crowd is sure to laugh at a fantastically obnoxious inflatable walker!

You can find ones that are designed to resemble actual walkers, as well as those that are adorned with funny messages, such as “The Slow and Old Zone”! Along the same lines, you can also find fake canes inscribed with messages like “Old Man” that make a fun and unforgettable prop. 

Have fun and let guests take turns taking it for a test drive!

2. A BFF Tumbler 

No one’s going to card them now!

If you’re a little older than your BFF, our 40th Birthday Tumbler for Best Friend is a sweet but cheeky way to remind them that no matter how old they get, you’ll always have the upper hand.

Choose from a variety of colors, with sizes that range from 12 ounces to 30 ounces.

3. Pink Flamingos

Nothing goes together quite like 40th birthdays and pink flamingos. 

The wacky tradition of “flocking” someone’s yard with a bevvy of plastic birds started way back in 1957, when the lawn ornaments were first developed. Despite popular belief, the trend actually originates in Massachusettes, not Florida!

You’re free to get a little wild with this one, and really set the scene. Whether they awake to 10 fake birds or 100, it’s a sight they’ll never forget — or live down.

4. Trump Mugs

What’s better than getting a 40th birthday wish from your closest friends? A salutation from the leader of the free world, of course!

When you really want to stroke their ego, get them our You’re a Really Great 40 Year Old Trump mug! In true Trump fashion, it’s a long string of adjectives talking about how great the subject is. Other 40-year-olds might be total losers, but they’re the best around!

Looking for a great party slogan? Our 40th Birthday Trump Mug is another instant hit,  regardless of how your loved one votes. The jury’s still out on how the election will go, but everyone can agree that it’s time to “Make 40 Great Again!”

Available in an 11-ounce or 15-ounce version, these mugs will become their new kitchen favorite, long after the ballots are in.

5. Safety Vest

Everything’s a hazard when you’re old! Remind your friend to take extra care and caution with a bright orange safety vest.

Look for gag versions adorned with patches that read “Senility Ahead” and “Soft Shoulders” to warn them about all the dangers that await them. You can also decorate the party space with orange caution cones to really play up this theme!

6. Aged to Perfection Tumbler

Do you have a friend who was born in 1980? If so, 2020 is their year!

Our 1980 Aged to Perfection tumbler is perfect for anyone who appreciates a glass of fine wine or whisky at the end of a long day. They know that the very best things in life only get better with age, and that includes them!

Go ahead and get them the 30-ounce size and help them live this iconic birthday up big! Pair it with a bottle of their favorite bubbly and you’ll earn major brownie points for life. 

7. Megaphone Hearing Aid

What’s that you say?

Soon enough, you’ll need to shout everything you say to them, so it’s best to prepare your friend early. You can find plenty of plastic megaphones at any big box store, and these make for a cost-effective and funny 40th birthday gift. 

Get creative and adorn the megaphones with your custom messages, such as “Acoustic Enhancer” or “Speak Up Sonny!” 

8. Geriatric Gift Box

Achy muscles, creaky joints and popping bones are about to be a reality, and your loved one will appreciate a little medicine to help ease the pain. 

One of the best gag gift ideas for a 40th birthday?

Design a quick gift box full of stool softeners, gas prevention pills, and muscle creams. Throw in a few stick-on pain patches and you’ve got a gift that’s both useful and affordable. Bonus points if your gift box is shaped like a coffin!

9. Embroidered Toilet Paper

Earlier this year, toilet paper was flying off the shelf and a newfound hot commodity. Remind your friend that they’re going to need it now more than ever with a gag gift of embroidered toilet paper!

If you have an embroidery machine at home, it’s surprisingly easy to do this craft yourself following these tips. Not too crafty? There are also virtual companies that can do the work for you!

In a fanciful script, embroider “Oh Crap! You’re 40” or the ever-popular, “Let It Go!”

10. Bubble Bath Beans

Better out than in, we always say!

As we age, it becomes more difficult to stifle our gas. Ironically, the toots seem to be the most prevalent in the quietest, calmest spaces!

Invite your friend to really let one rip with a can of pinto beans, covered over with a handmade label that reads “Your New Bubble Bath”! Hey, they’ve always wanted a jacuzzi with jets!

Find More Gag Gifts for 40th Birthday Parties

When someone you love turn 40, this event deserves a celebration!

These gag gifts for 40th birthday parties can help spark your inspiration and encourage your creativity. Feel free to take the reign and create a one-of-a kind gift sure to make your friend groan in embarrassment!

Are you looking for other irreverent, off-the-wall gifts? We’ve got you covered. Check out our full collection online and contact us with any questions!

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