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Best Gifts for Couples: 5 Gifts to Add to Your Shopping List

Finding a great gift for one person can be hard enough, but what about when you’re tasked with buying gifts for couples? 

Now you have two personalities, likes, and dislikes to contend with. Although a restaurant gift card is a safe bet, you probably want a gift that’s more personal.

The good news is, with a little forethought and creativity you can choose a gift that both partners will not only love but actually use!

Grab your shopping bag and let’s explore some of the best gifts for couples that’ll skyrocket you to the top of the friends’ list!

Matching Mugs

If the couple in your life are two peas in a pod, what better couple’s gift than one that matches? From matching T-shirts and outfits to matching mugs, everyone will know that these two are the perfect pair.

Giving a housewarming gift? Help the couple in your life celebrate living together with matching mugs. Personalize them for a special touch.

Engraved mugs and tumblers are great options for couples on the go! 

Personalized Keychains

Speaking of personalized items, keychains are a subtle way to say, “I’m taken”. There also another great way to celebrate a couple’s first home.

Have them engraved with the couple’s initials, the date of their closing, or other meaningful symbols. Not only will they think of each other with love every time they unlock their door, but they’ll be reminded of your generosity. 

Date Night Box Set

Date nights are an important part of any relationship — new or old. But, sometimes, the same old ideas can get a little stale.

Help liven-up your couple’s love life by creating a fun and useful date night box set. The best kits include games, crafts, snacks, and other activities. 

Include their favorite tasty treats or a recipe and ingredients for them to cook together. A bottle of wine and a card game that encourages bonding will make for a fun and informative night at home.

Other ideas include movie tickets (or a streaming service subscription) with popcorn and candy, or an over-sized scratch-off calendar that offers over 100 date night suggestions.

Variety Snack Basket

Food is one of the most popular gifts among Americans — and why not? It’s delicious, universal, and budget-friendly.

Does the couple in your life enjoy sweets? Create a basket filled with assorted chocolates, cookies, and other fresh-baked goodies. 

An Italian-themed basket filled with assorted pasta, wine, cheese, and crackers is the perfect gift for couples who prefer savory over sweet. Add a memorable touch by including wine glasses or a personalized bottle opener.

Wake-Up with Flavored Coffee and Tea 

Coffee and tea are popular and timeless gifts. One is soothing while the other offers a quick and delicious energy boost.

Depending on their preference, create a basket (or purchase a gift set) filled with flavored coffee. Fresh grounds or K-cups both taste and smell amazing. A Keurig makes a great housewarming gift as well.

Tea bags and tea leaves come in a variety of flavors, each offering a unique flavor and even health benefits. Chamomile is great for calming the body and mind. Green tea can actually help burn fat and improve focus.

Add an antique tea pot or custom mugs for a complete set.

Couples Games for Hours of Fun

When buying gifts for couples you have to consider their personalties. Are they the life of the party? Do they get competitive over a game of Yahtzee?

If game nights are their favorite past time, why not gift them a variety of classic board games with a few new ones tossed in?

Sorry, Twister, and Monopoly are timeless options that’ll keep them busy for hours.

New (and taboo) card games like What Do You Meme? and Cards Against Humanity will make for an interesting night with friends. Just beware, these gifts are NSFW — but that’s what makes them so much fun!

Speaking of taboo couples gifts, try a creative and intimate game like Love is Art. Complete with body paint, a blank canvas, and plastic sheets, the options of creative expression are endless. 

Encourage the couple in your life to connect on a deeper, intellectual level with a box of conversation cards. Filled with thought-provoking questions, these cards help spark profound discussions and promote bonding.

Tech Gadgets

Are you friends always the first ones with their hands on the newest smartphone, tablet, or video game? Believe it or not, tech gadgets are a great gift for couples.

Just be sure it’s one they can share!

If the couple in your life live together, purchase them a beautiful and calming nightlight that promotes sleep. The warm glow triggers both the brain and body to prepare for rest.

A sound machine is another great couples gift to help drown out noisy neighbors or the busy streets below. A babbling brook, woodland creatures, or crashing waves help transport the happy couple to their own private happy place.

Smart speakers and home devices like Alexa not only play awesome music but let users create a helpful to-do list and reminders. Now couples can end disputes over burning questions and dinner time debates once and for all!

Cheers to the Happy Couple

What better way to celebrate your favorite couple than over a delicious adult beverage? Wine is a classic gift for any occasion. Grab a few bottles of their favorite reds and whites or pay for a monthly wine subscription. 

The latter usually offers information about where and how the wine is made for an educational element. Purchase a repour cork that lets you try your favorite wine and save it for another occasion.

For couples that prefer liquor, a cocktail set is a fun and creative gift that instantly transforms anyone into a mixologist at home. Complete with glasses, shakers, and recipes, your cocktail-loving friends will have hours of fun recreating their favorite drinks.

Gifts for Couples Made Easy

When looking for the best gifts for couples, don’t overthink it. Consider each person individually and together — what hobbies and foods do they enjoy?

Use this information and get creative! These gift ideas help you think outside the traditional gift box — literally.

Browse our engagement and wedding gifts for the happy couple in your life and be sure to check back regularly for seasonal items. 

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