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Awesome and Unique Gifts for Godparents

Godparents hold a special place in your heart. They’re the people chosen to care for a child in the event something happens to the biological parents. They could be blood relatives, like an aunt and uncle, or close family friends. Someone so special deserves a truly special gift. Whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or the moment you ask them to do the honors, these gifts for godparents will help show them what an important role they play in your family.

Tumbler Set

One of the best ways to ask someone if they’ll be your child’s godparent is to personalize their gift.

When they open a gift that says, “Godmother” or “Godfather” all doubt will be gone over whether or not they’ve been selected for the job.

The couple will be honored to use and display matching engraved tumblers. Choose their favorite colors and an eye-catching font. 

Get creative and use playful phrases like “The Godfather” and “Fairy Godmother”. You can even add your child’s birthdate or name for another personalized touch.

Memory Box Photo Frame

What is it about the couple that made you select them as your child’s godparents? Why not create a memory box filled with all the special items and moments that represent your special bond?

A photo box in wood or brass doubles as a traditional picture frame and a keepsake. Place a photo of your child or the couple and your child in the front. Change it to black and white to make an emotional statement. 

You can also place a lock of your child’s hair, their hospital bracelet, or another personal item inside to memorialize the moment.

Knot Bracelet

Nothing resemebles a special relationship or bond quite like a knot. These timeless symbols of love are a constant reminder to the couple of the promise they’ve made.

Gift them a bracelet made of string that offers a special message. The wearer makes a wish while holding onto the knot charm and ties the bracelet on. Once the string wears through, legend has it that the wish comes true.

Charm bracelets are another great choice for godmothers. Add charms that resemble your child including their birthstone or tiny footprints.

Food and Wine Basket

Nothing says “I love you” quite like delicious food and wine. If you want a simple gift for godparents, give them a basket filled with their favorite snacks, sweet treats, and wine. 

Not sure what they like? You can’t go wrong with chocolate, gourmet cheese and crackers, and both a bottle of red and white.

Add a personal touch with etched wine glasses depicting their names or their new role as godparents.

Gifts for Godparents Come From the Heart

The godparent relationship is a special one. After all, this is the couple you’ve chosen to act as a second set of parents to your children.

Whether you’re asking them for the first time or celebrating a special occasion, these gifts for godparents are the perfect way to honor them.

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