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5 of the Best Gifts for Someone Who Doesn’t Know What They Want

We all have that one friend or relative who’s impossible to shop for. They don’t have any distinct hobbies and if they do, they’ve already bought all the gear. When you ask what they want, they shrug and say they already have everything they need. Scratching our heard trying to find the perfect gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want? We’ve got you covered. Check out these five gifts that are sure to please anyone. 

1. Coasters

Everyone has to drink! Whether they prefer a cocktail or a glass of Coke, you can’t go wrong with a great set of coasters. Take the gift up a notch and customize the set with their last name or images of a place they love. 

Pair the gift with their favorite sipper and you’re good to go!

2. A Great Mug

What goes great with the aforementioned coasters? An incredible mug, of course!

Whether you need a birthday gift or you’re celebrating another occasion, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. From funny and cute mugs to ones that are definitely NSFW, you’ll also have a wide selection to browse!

3. Small Artwork

Buying artwork  can be tricky. An oversized piece that you think is beautiful might make someone else cringe. Yet, they’ll feel obligated to display it in their home, especially if you visit often.

That’s why it’s best to stick to small-scale prints. Find ones that incorporate themes you think they’ll love, and you’re sure to find a winner. To keep this gift affordable, check out these places to buy art online. 

4. Bookends 

It doesn’t matter if they’re holding up romance novels or classics. A gorgeous set of bookends is a gift that almost anyone can use and appreciate. From the bold and chunky to the sleek and sophisticated, there are plenty to choose from at your favorite home goods store. 

These accessories also make a statement when displayed inside living room built-ins, office shelves and more, making them beautifully universal.

5. Coffee or Tea

Does your loved one enjoy a great cup of Jo in the morning? The gift of coffee is one that keeps on giving!

Find a bag of their favorite beans, or give them your preferred blend to try! If they’re more of a tea drinker, buy a box of their favorite kind and a honey stirrer, to boot.

Ready to wrap it all together? Pair everything with an upbeat, motivational mug and you’ve got a complete set they’ll use on the regular.

More Gifts for Someone Who Doesn’t Know What They Want

It isn’t easy to please everyone. There’s bound to be someone who makes shopping feel like an impossible task! 

That’s why it pays to know where to go when you need to find gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want. The next time you’re in a bind, feel free to take a look around our shop. From ornaments and mugs to tumblers and beer steins, you’ll find the right gift, every time. 

Have any questions or interested in designing a custom creation? Get in touch today and let’s connect!

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